A Truly Madly Ordinary Windless Friday……..

And with big relief it is Friday!Not just an ordinary Friday:it is a Friday with no wind and a big shining happy sun in the sky.The wind has been challenging my mood for the whole week.
Yes,wind makes me nervous.Well,not always.That,it would really be a problem considering I live in a country where the wind is blowing 360 days a year.Of course,when I say that the wind affects my nerves, I am not talking about a light breeze .It must be heavy wind and for few days on a row.That is what it takes to get me a “bit”cranky. Thankfully the heavy wind doesn’t usually go on for an entire week and,thankfully, the travelling husband is usually not home for an entire week.This two conditions together allow me to be here today writing rather then been chopped off in few pieces and stored in multiple plastic bags in the shed’s freezer along with the pheasants and the woodcocks.I suppose everybody patience can have a limit!

Last night was the first night of the week without hauling wind and without having to rush outside, in the middle of the night only wellies and nightgown on,to chase my door’s wreath blown away and rolling down the lane.
I slept like a baby and I woke up like an angel.My mood didn’t change even after I had to look for my car’s key for over 15 minutes only to realize they were left on the dashboard from the previous day.
Naturally,in front of the girls, I just pretended to magically find them in my pockets.By experience I know well that, otherwise, sooner or later this it will come up during some family dinner:”mama left the car’s keys on,….again”.No matter how many times you tell them not to be a snitch…..the voice of innocence always wins.

I will admit I have a problem with keys,in general.House keys: I tend to loose them or forget them on the outside door’s lock.Car’s keys:I either leave them in the car or, I forget to use them….to lock the car. Thing this one,if you think about,that can be an advantage if someone wants to steal something from the car(like my purse that is often forgotten on the front passenger seat,for example).No window will have to be smashed and no lock will have to be forced.I am sure you are now thinking that,on the other side,this is a kind of an invite to steal the car too.Well,God the bless the unfortunate cars thieves attempting it.If they can overcome the dogs and kids smell trapped inside,they have all my admiration and they can take the car.I sometimes get a take away Chai Latte only with the hope that the vanilla or cinnamon flavor might hide for a while the smell of wet dogs and onion and cheese crisps .

Despite the gorgeous day and my brilliant mood,we ended up to be ferociously late for school.Good news is,on Fridays the classes don’t start straight away.There is “The Assembly” first.Seven years into primary school and still,what they exactly do during assembly,it is not clear to me.The purpose of it ,even less.When I asked the girls about it ,they simply said that basically the whole school gathers together and do “staff”.Lovely,I felt very illuminated by the explanation except, what are these “staff” they do?That it is still a bit of a mystery as they both are in the same school and attend the same flipping assembly every flipping Friday but have different versions of it.One thing they both agree on, it is that there is some singing involved and the announcement of the students of the week.I still don’t have the full picture but at least I can be sure they actually go to school together and they don’t split at the gate.

While driving to school the sun is raising in front of us.It is a huge yellow balloon emerging from the green fields.It is a nearly supernatural vision but,unfortunately, it is also totally blinding me. I have to drive slowly.I am taking the turns by memory and guess.Not very safe but, there is nothing else I can do.I can’t hide from it.Slowly bu surely we made to school.I made it to the beach and I made it back home.

I am drinking my mid morning coffee in my garden, cuddled by the sun and totally oblivious to whatever else is surrounding me.I don’t have to hide from it anymore.On the contrary, I am exposing my self to its warm touch as much as I can. I could stay here for hours.I can nearly smell an attempt of spring in the air, proved by some shy daffodil trying to blossom in my pots.

It is one of those late winter days when nothing can go wrong.Nothing can spoil your mood.One of those days when the only thing you want to do is stay out,working on your garden,walking on the beach or simply sitting on a bench letting the sun warming your cold body and gently caressing your face. You simply don’t want to waist a minute of its company because you well know that, tomorrow, it could be gone.Winter is not over yet and some dark clouds could soon come to claim their kingdom back.