Carry On Wednesday

When they say ” keep calm and carry on”what do they really mean? Have you ever wonder? I have.

When I woke up this morning I haven’t thought or wondered anything because I was too tired and went on automatic pilot with some disastrous consequences:I nearly broke my neck doing yoga and I put the moka on the stove without water in it.The unmistakable burn smell soon made me realized I skipped a step of the morning coffee ritual. The dogs,instead, circling around my legs restlessly tried to make me remember the fundamental step I was skipping in their morning ritual:feeding them.I am afraid they had to loose their hope as I didn’t forget to feed them but I simply did it on purpose.No,don’t worry,I have not become evil all of a sudden,there is a very simple and compassionate explanation:Indie,our new foster dog ,is due to be neutered this morning and has to be fastened,consequently it was only fair if the other two would have renounced to their breakfast too or,at least,wait after she was gone. Plenty of time to have it later or even never .Clara can only do with a bit of weight loss and Kurt will not suffer for skipping a meal considering that last night he ate a whole piece of cheddar cheese (250gr) still in the wrapping.

Since Saturday events just unraveled one after the other. The foster dog arrived and she is absolutely beautiful and gentle and ……thanks God we already booked our holidays and the kennel only for two because this dog will never leave otherwise. I know I have been “forbidden” the third permanent dog unless I want to be single again but considering that at the moment I am seriously thinking about either divorcing or murdering the travelling husband,it might worth the shot!

As my mom says there is trouble even in paradise. We had a big marital argument Sunday morning and like in every other respectful home always for the same reasons. This time the difference is that my feet went down stamping and I am determined to not let him go away with it as easy as always. By Sunday night everything was back to normal but on Monday morning I was back to my very annoyed me and being a fiery Taurus didn’t help. I tend to think over things and overthink but,most of all,I tend to self-combusting until I explode and so I did .Being the lady I am, I did explode but very mannerly and by email. No need to mention that I regret to have sent that email the very same second I pushed the send bottom and since then I kept wondering if the outcome of such bravery would have been the traveling husband coming home with an apologetic smile or the traveling husband not coming home at all.
He came home and also he emailed me back and there is when I thought we were getting as freaky as those couple that uncouple and miraculously recouple thanks to Dr.Phil’ s advices.Ok,in our case uncoupling had never really cross anybody’s mind and the traveling husband doesn’t even know who Dr.Phil is but,gladly for me,the e-mail was highly appreciated.Apparently if you write ,even only once those same things you spent the last 20 years repeating over and over again, your partner will be hit by a thunder of knowledge and wisdom ,he will all of a sudden put himself in your shoes and finally understand your feelings and your point of view.”Verba Volant ,Scripta Manent”,a timeless truth!

To recap the so far already long week,Saturday passed by welcoming and washing Indie; Sunday passed by arguing with husband and trying to make Indie understand what her name is as whoever had her for one year never bother to give her one. Monday, started immediately quite tragically :in the morning at the beach I tried to let Indie off the lead and while the first time she was fine, at the second attempt she just took off: She ran after something or someone,I have still no idea,and she was no coming back.So there I was,once again running after one of my dogs except, as much as a pointer can be fast, he is not as fast as a greyhound ,I lost ten years of my life and my lungs are still recovering .The afternoon was not of any better and passed in a turmoil of emotions and words,said,written,regretted and all while driving the girls around to school, tennis, Gaa.If you are wondering, would they have at least one activity at the same time? Nope, not a chance to get rid of them simultaneously.At night I eventually collapsed on my pillow and not resuscitated untill the alarm went off on Tuesday morning. Tuesday had every credentials to be a nightmare of a day.I was on supervision duty at the chess club in the evening and in the morning I had to drive the school green committee to collect their green flag. Yes, I am the green parent of the school. I was elected with a fair and democratic election Maduro style: I was the only candidate! To be precise the only available and suitable candidate.Sure it could not have been the mother of the boy who is convinced that throwing the apple core out of the car’ s window is not littering because the birds will pick it up.

We left school at twelve and we were not back until four.The ceremony started at two o’clock and there was fifty-two school to be rewarded. We were not among the first ones to get on the stage and soon the excitement to receive our seventh flag became impatience to get the bloody flag and go home. I won’t hide I was worried about the dogs too. They were now alone for a long time and for the first time all three together. Clara and Kurt are well used to but I was not sure about Indie.When we finally got back to the school I literally throw the teacher and the other child in the committee out of the car and drove home in a hurry. The house was still standing, and everything seemed fine from outside: the curtains were still up and there were no blood splatters on the front windows. Inside the situation seemed pretty much the same: when we opened the door the three dogs were still all alive, with all their body’s parts attached and there were no signs of fighting or little presents left by a sensitive bladder or an equal sensitive intestine. That was a huge relief. There was not even dog smell, on the contrary there was a nice apple scent. Delighted for how well behaved the dogs have been and how nice the house was smelling I didn’t actually think about where that smell could possibly come from. I had still so much to do before leaving again for chess night that my mind was totally busy somewhere else but,when I went into the study to print some documents, the source of the apple scent was there in front of me. A nice green(to stay in theme) apple candle I forgot to blow before I left in the morning. The flame was now ridiculously high and dangerously close to a pile of papers. It has been indeed another manic Tuesday but also a damn lucky one.