The Shortest Long Week of All.

The shortest long week ever,this is what this week felt to me.
It Started with 36 hours in Italy for taking care of legal business that, thanks to Italian bureaucracy, are driving me demented since last April. Eventually I managed to write the word “end” on the matter going to court to collect in person some papers that, apparently,were going back and forth from Italy to Ireland since last August. To not bother you any further and to not fall into temptation of using the best repertory of my potty mouth, I will just draw a line on the fact that the reason of all this was that someone from the judge chamber kept writing the wrong address!

The positive side of this brief trip was flying on my own.A luxury I don’t get to enjoy very often.Once at the airport it took me a while to realize I didn’t have to keep looking over my shoulders to check on the girls: They were not with me.Easier to say then do: 12 years of travelling with my beloved ballast left a mark.This time I traveled with my laptop instead:when will it happen again I have 5 undisturbed hours to write!

If going was a happy stroll, coming back was a nightmare. I had to queue nearly an hour only to pass the security checks and an other half an hour to show my passport.When I eventually made it to the gate, I wait what it felt forever to board.The waiting was bad enough ,leave alone the fact the we were all squeezed in a far too small space and with a tropical temperature.No wonder once on the plane there was a couple of girls walking toward the bathroom with a beauty mask on.They need to hydrate their skin.I confess my first reaction was a giggle and,I can guarantee you, I was not the only one but,I must recognize they sure knew how to optimize their time.A pity they were sitting few rows in front of me so I couldn’t see if by the time we landed they were also wearing their night gown.It was late in the evening after all:why loose precious time.

By Tuesday night my adventure as traveling wife was over.Done and dusted, I had to give the Olympic torch back to the traveling husband who, on my return,I found as tired as Hercules after the seven labors.Despite his clumsy attempt to hide it,he was obviously relieved to leave the following morning.The life of the domestic God is not for him.

Friday morning the loyal Sahir,(who for once saw me at a decent time of the day and not just after dawn in my night shirt and with the energy of a zombie) dropped the traveling husband home.He came in barking,”Well,hello and welcome back darling!what?my car’s keys and my purse?they are in the hall as always”,”What?Are they not?”.No,they were not and all the fuss was about me forgetting overnight my bag and wallet on the car’s seat in clear visibility along with keys on the panel.I know it is bad but it is not that I did it on purpose,did I?It just happened,beside: “Why the hell did you look into my car?”,”Who does that,who spy inside his wife car?”,”Oh,the driver window was down too and it is raining inside the car”.I suppose at that point there was no much I could say!So,hiding the fact that I was terrified of finding my car totally soaked,(I knew it heavily rained all night),I gave him my biggest,sweetest,sorry smile and I decided to abandon the defensive tactic in favor of a geisha wife attitude for the rest of the day…….after I dry the inside of my car.


Have a great long weekend you all.