A Glimpse Of Spring.

We are no longer under snow siege.A couple of days of good old classic Irish weather and the snow is gone.Along with the snow the husband is gone too,for the week I mean,not permanently.Well, I actually overheard a phone conversation about two weeks in Cuba but, as I have not been asked to pack Hawaiian shirts and bermudas shorts fir him,I assume he will be back on Friday as planned.The girls are gone back to school and the dogs are back “galloping” on the beach and sleeping comfortable on the bed without having to share their half with the master.Me:I regained my morning freedom.

Some leftover snow is still visible on the side of the roads.Today is a sunny bright day and more likely what the rain didn’t manage to wash away the sun will melt for sure.
For the first time in days, I have been able to sit on my vintage bench in the back garden and enjoy my mid morning coffee.The snow left dirt and some badly injured plants.The strongest of the daffodils made it trough and found the inner force to lift their heads back up.If it wouldn’t be for some rebellious white spot still resisting to thaw,the weather of the last week would be totally forgotten.Today it would be a typical early spring day.One of those days that brings you out of winter and set your mind on gardening ad tiding up the patio. One of those early spring days that easily deceives reality and takes pleasure in blowing all of a sudden a chill wind .I personally have learned not to fall for its tricks.I am well aware that it is far too early to plant and prepare the garden for the nice season but,I can’t dismiss the desire of colors I feel.I am done with the grey-black of the sky and the white of the ground. I need patches of color.If outside I have to be happy with yellow of the daffodils and the red of the cyclamens, inside I can have all the colors I want. No more white or orange lilies:They are for winter time.No roses either, they are for special occasions.Beside,only recently, I have been so lucky to be spoiled with a bunch of yellow ones.My favorite.
This, is the time of tulips an hyacinths.

In the next village, there are more florists,chemists and hairdressers then inhabitants. For the size of the place,there might be too many doctor surgeries just as well.I always wondered if there is a reason.Like: You get sick,go to the doctor and then to chemistry with your prescription.Then, if whatever you are sick with is particularly serious, you end up house bound and people will come and visit.At that stage,because good manners say that when you visit someone,you bring flowers,here explained the florists.The circle is closed.Except for the hairdresser.Those,I am still pondering where to place them n the chain:Do you go to have your hair done before going to the doctor?Or before going to visit your sick friend?I will leave you making your own hypothesis.

Of all the florists, there is one I like in particular.It is a small shop but full of pretty things inside. The flowers are always beautifully displayed in its windows that are a real invitation to go in.Despite its beautiful flowers and the little pretty objects,what captured my attention when I first saw it,it was the name:”Wisterya Lane Florist”.I bet this will ring a bell to a good part of my female audience.Well,I know at least one of my readers who is familiar with the name.

All wrapped up in this urge of colors,this morning I decided to give myself a flowery treat.The idea was to buy a bunch of multi colors tulips.What I actually bought were two bunches of colorful and scented hyacinths. As happy as a perfect desperate housewife I go home driving a car that, for once, smells sweet and flowery instead of wet dogs.
Once home, I unwrap my hyacinths and carefully place them in multiple vases that I spread around the house and, with them, a lighthearted spring mood.

I don’t care how long they will last and I don’t care if outside the wind has gone cold again.I don’t care if the sky is turning grey as, for today ,I put on a spring face!