The Bless Of Emma

I have to be honest and confess I did not think it was going to be as bad as the forecast said.When Ophelia came she totally missed this coast of Ireland and all the alarmism and the preparations were useless.Well,not really useless,I suppose in these cases is always better be safe then sorry. Anyway,despite the fact they were talking for days about this snowy storm and orange alarm codes were sent everywhere across the country,I was still quite relaxed.I didn’t fill the shed with stocks of no perishable tin food,wood for the fireplace or candles in case of a power cut.Considering we are at the third day of a”white spring”wonderland ,may be I should have.Red alarm codes have been issued and I have been proven wrong!

It is snowing non stop since Tuesday night and since yesterday we are in the middle of a proper blizzard.Heavy cold wind and snow.Bye bye shy daffodils that eventually were standing proud and happy on my pots.They have been all decapitated by a heavy white coat of snow.The landscape all around the village is surreal.I have never seen so much snow in Ireland.

Yesterday evening I was drinking a cup of tea sitting by the window.White all around me.The dark sky was crying round fluffy tears that, the wind took care of spreading around before they could land on the ground and add more layers of white.The back gables were banging violently. Eolo was whistling with bold force and loud noise.I was transported into an other dimension.I was a character of an Icelandic drama, I was inside Fortitude:Tomorrow morning, I better check the newspaper for some gruesome unexplained accident to be happened overnight.

The country is paralyzed and Emma brought so much disruption but,”she”also arrived at the right time.The right time for me at least.I am well aware I should not say this but,it is the true.
The visit of my mother and my mother in law just few days apart one from the other left me drained.
Tension and exhaustion and mad cleaning summed up to more tension and exhaustion and more mad cleaning.I woke up on Monday and the only thought of driving around all day for the rest of the week made want to shut the curtains and going back to bed.The sky listened at me:Tuesday night the first snow saved me from driving down to chess club and diligently perform my supervisor parent duty.Wednesday morning a white mantel covering everything saved me from school runs and afternoon activities for the rest of the week.

The girls are super excited,I am delighted to be able to take my time. The traveling husband,who was conveniently not traveling this week,decided to work from home.He is till not back to the office but, even if he is at home all day, we don’t really see much of him. He took possession of the study and he locks himself in there all day.We might not see him but we can hear him shouting on the phone.Good thing is ,thank to the sound eliminator headphones he recently bought,he cannot hear us and we don’t have to tip toes around the house all day.I know what you are thinking:no,he cannot use the headphones to not listen at his wife.The miracle headphone are not wifeproof ,(so they are not really miraculous ),plus they are big and visible.I always make sure he removed them when I am talking to him. Still there is doubts about the level of attention I am given but,at least, I am sure of annoying his hearing.

The excitement of the first day of snow made us venture to the fields with the dogs for a walk.The roads were not that bad and we ventured to the supermarket too.This time we got some food stock and we did right as yesterday and today I am not venturing anywhere but the back garden and, for a very limited time.The roads are covered in snow and the wind would probably move my little car without me needing to switch the engine on.Thing that,thinking a bit deeper,would eliminate permanently from my life the burden of stopping for petrol.It still doesn’t worth it!

The girls are busy outside for three consecutive freezing days now.They come in every once in a while for a “snow break” and to change their gloves with a dry pair.They are working on a snow wall/igloo.It is depend to which one of the two snow architect you ask.They also secured their project with a snow lady guarding the building site from outside the house.

The snow brought a festive atmosphere in the little neighborhood of mine and encouraged to get out also the indoor family.All out to play with their sleds.The adventure with the sleds was brief but the chance to show off the brand new snow apparel and equipment was taken.Now they can happily go back inside for the rest of the week.The good neighbor, instead,after getting my attention throwing snowball at the window, invited me over and so we managed to have that catch up talk over cakes and coffee that we were trying to arrange for a while.

In all this,the dogs are coping well, even despite the lack of decent walks.Clara could’t care less and I have literally to throw her out in the morning.She could hold it until the snow is gone.I am not going to take that chance,ladies of her age cannot be trusted.Kurt is seeing the big snow for the first time.Disappointingly he seemed quite indifferent,the first and second day but,today,he finally realized what it is for:IT is there to play with!I have been writing at the kitchen table for the last hour and for the last hour he is out there in the back garden galloping like a crazy little horse,flipping the snow around and chasing the flakes that are still falling .

Despite I am housebound my mood is still ecstatic. Despite all my gang is home all day long, I never had so much time for myself and my writing like in the last few days and, frankly,I don’t see the situation changing much until Sunday. Weather wise from Sunday everything should start to go back to normal. By Monday we will hopefully all go back to BAU but, for the time being, I must thank Emma to bringing me these few extra days of holidays so needed by my tired soul and body.