Pancake Day

And even this year we survived Shrove Tuesday.Well, to be more precise the kitchen survived Shrove Tuesday.
When I moved to Ireland I knew I had to give up the suggestive Venetian carnival with its colorful masks and pompous costumes.No more fancy party in those elegant palace where the music and the dancing and the laughing go on all night, filling for once a year all the rooms.

What I did not know, it was that Fat Tuesday in Ireland is pancake day.That,didn’t really mean much to me until the girls came along and wanted to celebrate the Irish way,like all their friends.

Unfortunately it turned out that I am not genetically equipped to make pancakes.Even the ready mix it does not do what it says on the tin,when it is me handle it.No matter the recipe and no matter the effort, my pancakes have usually an ugly asymmetrical shape and an absurd size.To be honest,even the taste is not the best.There is always an inexplicable smoky aftertaste that,with some luck and an heavy stuffing, can be somehow disguised.

Once the odd pancakes are eventually piling up and waiting to be filled ,it is time to clean the kitchen.Scrub off the oil that splattered everywhere and open all the windows in the hope that the smell of fry will go away before next pancake day. The reward for all this trouble, is the happy smile on the kids face and their genuine belief that their mother’s pancakes are the best.Belief probably based on the fact that they never tasted any other type of pancakes and think that this is exactly what all pancakes taste.Then,as more the kids grow and as more their taste buds become sensitive.They try other people’s pancakes and suddenly they cannot be fooled anymore.On the contrary of how it might look,this is not all bad.If they are old enough to have developed decent taste buds,they are old enough to understand that their mother is human and can fail.They are old enough to face reality:I am a woman who better buy ready made pancakes.That,I suppose,it also comes as a relief to the whole family:Eventually even in our house there are tasty and perfectly roundly pancakes to be enjoyed in a non smelly and warm kitchen.