Bye Bye Pippa

Oh,eventually,here they are.I better prepare myself in the hall:
“Hey,are you not forgetting anything in the car?What are you doing?You lock the door?But you have to go back out there and get Pippa out of the car”.                                          “No I don’t want a pat on the head ,I want my foster sister back”,”You too now?why are you looking at me like that?What?Everybody knew but me?”.

“Why did you think they left with the travel bag this morning,big ears genius?You better get down that window.She is gone.Staring at the road will not bringing her back.Get over it.”. “Oh boy,what are you doing now, are you trying to sniff her scent out of the rugs?That is disgusting and devious.”

“Clara,why do you always have to be so bitter!I just like to bask in her smell….It reminds me of the enjoyable hours of play we had together,that is all.”

So,now you now:the foster dog is gone.The kitchen couch is so big and solitary now.
By the way,I am Kurt.My two legged sisters call me “Kurty boy” and most of my mom’s friends call me “handsome”. My four legged sister just calls me names, but I know she loves me…..deep down.Sometimes she also allow me to sleep close to her,only when she is very much sound asleep and doesn’t realize I am there. Normally if she is awake and I go too close she makes a funny noise clinging and showing her teeth and then she goes away.It is her way to invite me to play fetch with her,I think.Women,they are never straight on telling what they want.It is like with my mama,she is all hugs and kisses and then when I jump on her to reciprocate she gets mad becase I scratch her or push her down to the ground.
With my papa is different,I have a lot of fun when we go hunting but, he can be very strict.In the house mama is the softy one.Except when I roll on her bed or on the couch before she lays my blanket on and I spread hairs all over.She always says I shed twice a month instead of twice a year and keep going after me around the house with a noisy purple tube attached to a rotating  scary brush.A part from that, I know she has a thing for me and I know I am my mammy’ s boy.Well she always says that too. I am also the only man in  the house when papa is traveling.I have responsibilities and duties:I need to watch the house and protect my girls.
Pippa was already one of my girls and a such fun one.Clara never played with me really,not even when she was younger.I knew she was not going to stay but I haven’t realized she would have gone so quickly. Apparently she went to Sweden,a very far away country. My friend Millie’s mom comes from there.I might be wrong but I think Millies’s foster sister Tallia went there too.She was here this morning and they all left together.
Mama is as sad as me,you can tell miles away and the girls miss her as much.If you are wondering about Clara,I can genuinely say I don’t think she misses her.They had a big fight the other day and,oh boy, now I know why female dogs are called bitches!
In fairness she could be a bit annoying at times and drooled a lot but now the house is sooooo quite.Beside the play,the best thing about Pippa was that she knew how to open doors.We were indeed an amazing team :she opened the doors and I reached up the higher shelves.If only I asked her to show me how to do it.That,would be handy and I could show off with the next foster dog.I heard mama making arrangement over the phone,that is why I am so sure we will have plenty more.I wonder what kind of dog is coming next,hopefully not a puppy who pees everywhere but,if it will play with me,who cares really.
Speaking of playing,I might make an attempt to the old spaniel here:”Clara,Clara,wake up.Why don’t we go in the garden and play fetch or something?Come on.Just once.Just this one time..Please Please Please”.
“Jeez ok, just stop the begging,will you. Dont you have some dignity?”.
“Mama is coming to open the garden door,come on Clara,..come over here”.
” I am coming , you go I follow.”
“No No No,mama you can’t close the door.Clara is not out yet.Clara,tell her you are coming out too.Why are you staring there?What?I can’t hear you through the glass”.
“You heard me big ears German:you always fall for the same trick ,you idiot!…When are you going to learn not to be fooled so easily”.