The long way to recovery

The last post of mine(before the award), I wrote it just before collapsing in bed with flu.
And in bed I stayed for three days, then I had to get up. Not because I was really feeling any better but because the travelling husband left and I was back in charge of the fort.On one side it was good as I had one less thing to care for once I had done with the school runs and the dogs walk I could shabbily and happily slip back in my PJs. My uniform for a week that, at one point it independently threw itself in the laundry basket: when its enough is enough!

In a few days, things improved but, while my nose stopped licking, my eyes started to discharge a yellowy sticky texture. What is flu without conjunctivitis, right? At least, thanks to some magic eyes drops the lady from health store gave me, it didnt last long . Don’t ask what was in them because I didnt care to ask and she didnt care to tell. The only thing I know is that in two days, I was again able to open my eyes fully, and they were not stingy or discarding any extraterrestrial substance anymore.

With my full health regained and my eyes wide open, I came to notice little things I had until then ignored. I started to see tiny red spots here and there on the floor: yes, Anna, our latest foster dog was in heat.
I was more than surprised because, considering her age, I genuinely believed she was closer to menopause than else. Admitting that such thing like dogs menopause exists.
We already had an appointment for her to be spade that we had to cancel, and instead we went shopping for cheap granny panties.
I cut a hole for the tail and put a pair on her immediately.
The poor pet looked beyond miserable and so did I, after realizing that I had to take them off her every time she had to go out for her needs.
Anna was not adequately house trained, and I had to be super fast to pick up the signals before a big puddle materialized on one of my rugs. Nop, never on the floor. Dogs don’t like to dirt on bare floors. Carpets are much much more comfortable for them, and for their human, much more fun to clean.
So now not only I had to be alerted to get her signals, but also to be quick enough to open the garden door and removed the panties at the same time.
After she soaked three rugs and my hand twice we gave up the panties: it was far better to mop some spots on the floor.

A week had passed and we were nearly settled, until big ears german eventually realized what was going on in the house. All of a sudden, he took an obsessive interest in his foster sister.
He is neutered but had not lost the instinct and became Anna’s shadow. I will spare you the details that, unfortunately, didn’t go unnoticed by the girls.
“Why is Kurt always licking Anna’s butt?”,”Why does he try to do that thing he does on the couch’s leg on her too?”.They submerged me in questions I tried to answer as best as I could: “Well it’s his instinct because of she in heat”. My hope to satisfy their curiosity remained unheard: It was time to have that talk about bees and flowers.
Of course, in our conversation, bees became dogs. Finding the right words and concepts was no child play, and after I was blabbing for half an hour the girls still had no a clearer picture of the events, but I managed to be so dull in my explanation that they just walked off. They sure had no more knowledge than before but I was off the hook.I bored them to exhaustion.

In the meanwhile, big ears german seemed to have regained all his masculinity all at once and started to mark the territory. Another thing to explain….
I soon found myself to do nothing but monitoring Kurt and Anna all day and night. I tried to leave downstairs to sleep, but she didnt want to, and in fairness, she was right considering the other two were upstairs with me. Plus having her in my bedroom she could call me straight away when in need to go out and that reduced the night accidents to zero.The problem was that she took extreme pleasure on waking me up and started to wake me up every night around After that, nearly every hour I was up; if not with Anna again, with Kurt or with Clara because, once one is awake the others follow!
After ten days of that routine, I was a walking zombie who would have soon faced divorce. Let’s say that what the travelling husband found after coming back from his business trip, had not impressed him!

As hard as it was, I had to relocate the foster a week earlier than planned.
I felt selfish and guilty, but, the truth was only one: I needed to sleep and stop mopping the ground.
Because of the flu, I lost an entire week of editing, and the manuscript has to be with the editor in full by next week. That was not going to happen if I kept falling asleep on the computer or if I had to spend my time washing and drying rugs.
My only consolation is that everything worked out for the best in the end.
Anna will leave on the 2nd of July for her permanent home in England, and in the meanwhile, she is staying with this incredible woman called Kate, who I loved as soon as I saw her. Kate has five others dogs, and Anna could not find a better setting. Most of all, Kate is much smarter than I am, and she makes the dogs sleep all together in the kitchen, allowing herself a full night sleep.