Everyday inspirations: “Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.” — J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

I am not a religious person but I like to think about myself as a spiritual person.I believe in kindness and respect rather then in obeying commandments.Do I have faith ? Yes I do, just my faith has nothing to do with religion.I have faith in humanity, despite the many times I have been disappointed and I will be for sure again and again. I have faith in life.Many time in the past I have been told,in moments of crises: “don’t worry, what it is meant to you nobody will take it. ” and many times I thought :”gosh ,if someone else tells me that one more time I will kill them”.Well ,experience taught me that it is actually true. The loss of today is the gain of tomorrow. How many times we moan about something we couldn’t have for then realising that at the end because of that missed occasion we could welcome a better one.This is applicable to every aspects of life. Not to give up,accept what life is giving or not giving to you because at the end what it is really meant for you will come : this is faith for me.Faith can be everywhere, most difficult thing is to see it. By nature we think we know exactly what we want and what we need and we want it now. Too often by nature we don’t have the patience to wait and see; to sow and wait for the seeds to fully grow.Too often we leave the dark path when instead we should just keep walking a little bit further to see the light shine.