Look Who Is Back

To all my readers:
due to a very busy week, I had to leave my weekly post in someone else’s paws, enjoy:

” Hey big years German, don’t you think it is time to get over your misery?”

“Like you care right? We are living together for 6 years and you still growl at me everytime I come for a cuddle….not to mention the fact that you still refuse to share your food with me”.

” You bet I do, why should I?you have your bowl ”

” Yes, but it is not my fault if I am never full.”

” Well, I don’t remember you sharing the maxi Toblerone you managed to snatch the other day either.
You ate also the box and the foil and drop nothing to me!”

“But, Clara, I was angry. Dinner time was well passed and we had breakfast early that morning. Come on, that was an isolated “accident”: the Toblerone was there on the counter unattended…basically, it begged to be taken.”

“Sure like the tray of burgers and the box of croissants last weeke. You brought them in the garden to not share.”

“But I always share my toys, not my fault if you never want to play”

” I don’t like to play, never did and now, you idiot, how do you think I can feel about playing with toys I can’t even see?! Jeez, Kurt.”

“Sorry Clara, do you want a cuddle?”

“Stay where you are. What I want is for you to get up on your ass. The husky is gone for over a week now, you are safe.
Don’t you see they are all worried for you? Mom was nearly crying on the beach on Friday when you didn’t even want to play with Milly”

“You think? But she keeps saying that it is actually nice to have me so quiet .”

“Men! You really have no idea how a women’s brain works, ….never mind if two or four legs! You have to interpret what we say, that is nearly never what we actually think!”

“So when you say you don’t want me beside you is not true. You actually like when I come for a cuddle.”

“Yeees, of course, I love being squashed under your 30 kgs”

“Really? I knew it!”

“NO Kurt, not a bit. Get off me now and go back to your coach.”

“Oh, Clara, you don’t understand. I am afraid that husky girl stole my mojo. What if I will never go back to the old jumpy me again?”

“For god sake Kurt, you are the biggest chicken ever. Look at me: I am old, blind, and with a beginning of dementia, according to with miss white scrub.The husky attacked me as bad as you and I didnt even see her coming…literally, but I got over it. You are boring and depressing. I heard the girls playing with Alexa the other day instead of you”.

“What?So that is what they are doing upstairs all the time instead of playing fetch or dressing up with me?”,”Now, move aside woman, I am going to get us those mince pies left on the counter.”

“Thank the lord! That is my boy!”

“Now here we go sister, but because they will certainly blame me, I took two and you just one”

Three mince pies later……

“Clara, do you think I am on the mend?”

“I think you are on the right track, Kurt. Now let me rest for a while, would you.”

About an hour later………

“What’s all this screaming. Hey, cannot an old dog have her afternoon nap in peace?”

“Don’t look at me, I have no idea what’s wrong with mom. She came in and started to yell. ”

“I think she is just yelling at you, Kurt…..”

” You think? ”

“Yep. I think indeed. I might be nearly completely blind but I can still hear perfectly. Hey, wait a minute what she is picking from the floor?. I can’t really see ”

“Oh, that? that is what is left of mom’s knitting project… I also tried to wear her reading glasses, after chewing them a little.”

” Oh boy!What have you done?”

” Just what you told me Clara….got up on my ass and out of my misery: Step back people: good old Kurt is back in town! “