A Truly Madly Ordinary Beginning Of May

Monday the weather was absolutely glorious and I started to work on the new shed.On Sunday myself and the girls spent around two hours to decide the colors and then an other hour to find matching pots and flowers. It has not been easy but we made it and happily came home with everything we needed to start “the shed operation transformation”.After taking few breaks for school runs and to drive first daughter number two and then daughter number one to tennis lessons,I manage to get half way through the job.It is getting late and I can see 4 hungry mouths looking at me from inside the house.It is well passed dinner time and I better go to sort something out.If only I could give chicken and rice crockets in a bowl to all of them my life would be much easier!I leave all my equipment well sheltered under the porch ready for tomorrow but I can’t resist to send a proud picture of the work in progress to the traveling husband.Next time I better resist:A lesson to improve my will power.”Oh,you went marine style.It reminds me of a beach cabin”,he texts back. It does actually, a little,but God forbids me from admitting it.With the most uptight tone I can let transpire in a text I replay that it is only because is not finished and when the flowers and decorations will be up it will be more flowery then”beachy”.I,instead, will be very “bitchy” if the next text is not a compliment on my diy work.

Considering the weather we had over the week end and on Monday , I genuinely expected Tuesday to be the same and I didn’t even think twice before slipping into my shorts. Tuesday was also the first of May and from first of May to first of October is shorts season. This is my rule or,at least,it was until this year.
Anyway, on Tuesday morning first of May as tradition wants all three of us happily jump in the car in our summer outfits and rain jackets,we live in Ireland after all.I drop the girls to school and head toward the beach.Black threatening clouds take over and a cold wind starts to bark in my years and slapping my face and legs :in one word I was cold.May be,the fact that at times we still need the heating on,should have made me think to postpone the exit of the summer gears .I feel guilty for the girls that are probably freezing too and just hope the school won’t call social services. No,I am not paranoid: it happened before that a mom has been called in because her daughters were too lightly dressed and cold all the time.Thankfully nothing happened….so far!
The rain didn’t delay to come but I am determined to finish my painting and gardening.I shortened the walk and I am driving home with one more reason to regret wearing shorts:the dogs’ poo bag ripped and it’s content dripped on my bare legs.

Cleaned up and changed in warmer and water prof clothes I ,fearless and careless,paint all morning under the pouring rain. Weather wise the afternoon is not better but I keep going. It is past 7 o’clock in the evening that with great satisfaction I can say I have finished : Soaked and freezing I am done.
The new shed is painted,the porch has been decorated, the flowers have been potted and,what is best, after a year of attempts I eventually have blue highlights on my hair.If only I knew that what I needed was Johnston “forget me not” instead of L’Oreal “starry blue”!

On Wednesday the traveling husband came back home and brought some sun with him.It is a lovely evening and despite the difficulties that I have to lift my arms,bend my back and sit without screaming because my thighs’ front muscles are as stiff as steel,we can enjoy some wine outside.
No pain no gain they say:true indeed but my little happy porch definetely worth it.