When Literature meets Cinema

A Praise For Agatha Christie

On a very dark and stormy night I am going to watch “Murder on the Orient Express” .
I grew up with Agatha Christie’s books .

I have still a vivid memory of the first movie from one of her book that I saw.It was winter and we were on a sky holiday.”Murder under the sun “was just out in the cinemas and I went with my mom and my cousin.Still,every time I see that movie I am back to that little girl so proud for watching her first grown up movie in the cinema.I can feel the warmth of my mom beside me,slightly worried that was to much for my age and I can clearly smell her perfume under my nostrils: familiar and speaking of unconditional love.

I was quite young and I probably lost few things about it at the time but I saw and understood enough to get curious about this magnificent author who made me dream and use my brain to solve crimes for so long. She,also,shares her name with my oldest daughter: Coincidence ?……………Take your guess!!! ……Poirot is my favourite character.Miss marple,with all respect,come second to me.I never missed the chance to watch a classic Agatha Christie’s adaptation but Poirot must be Peter Ustinov.To me the only and unique.Kenneth Branagh as Poirot is not the same(as much as I adore him as actor).

I am driving back home satisfied anyway.The movie was a good remake and really made me go back in time to those summer afternoons spent in the company of my little chubby belgium friend with his perfectly curved mustaches and his obsession for justice and symmetrical eggs.

The Seek For A Perfect Buddy Movies

I always loved movies as much as I love books. Fate wanted that I got married to a guy who doesn’t like to go to cinema.A very long time ago I managed to bring him.Every Time was more a matter of dragging him really and, after he fell asleep few times and started to snore,I just gave up.I actually gave out and gave up!We might be a perfect match in many things but over the years I just had to accept that he will never be my movie buddy.

For a reasonable number of years,when still in Italy ,my mother was my cinema companion.Every week we had a movie date.No exception!Until I moved to Ireland .No movie for a while.Too busy settling in.Then too busy house hunting and,after that,too busy parenthood skills hunting.The years passed with me going to theatre or cinema very very rarely.

Big twist came when I befriended a colleague of the travelling husband.ML has been a constant in my life for many years and most of all my movie buddy.We shared the same passion for cinema and had very similar tastes about movies. Most important thing we were both cursed with “anti cinema” husbands. Thursday was our night.A nice glass of wine or a cosmopolitan and then the cinema.A brief talk about the movie just seen on our way back to the car and then home. When we moved and find ourselves at very opposite side of the city it was the end of my movie nights with ML.We were too far away one from the other:I was back to square one.
At the beginning I was so busy with the new house and finding my way in the new social and geographical environment that,for months,I didn’t even think about going to the cinema. I didn’t, untill interesting titles started to came out.I started to fish for cinema lovers among the tennis ladies,my first and only acquaintances in the new town.A couple were keen and I managed to see at least a couple of good movies but they didn’t really engaged and an other stalling cinema season started.They say “necessity is the mother of invention”.Well,it is indeed! I found a local ladies movie club on facebook.Went a couple of times but then discretely unfriended myself from the group as the movies they picked were most of the time of no interests to me.

Four years passed since we moved up here and I managed to built my comfortable bubble of friends,not all of them are movie lovers but a couple of them really are .I am happily back to my movie routine,according, of course, with the travelling husband travelling schedule.