A Truly Madly Ordinary Winter Holidays Start

Five days in Italy for a pre-Christmas visit, five kilos gained and five thousand km driven moving from a relative’s house to another. Once Back to Ireland, we stayed on the number five for another couple of days: five baskets of laundry to do and five hours straight of cleaning after the house has been inhabited only by the travelling husband and the two dogs. I must admit that the thought of them lonely and barely surviving in junk food had crossed my mind and poisoned my conscience with guilt; but only for a second because the amount of crumble I found on the kitchen sofa and under it and smashed and stack on my lovey velvet cushions gave me a totally different image of the three of them. I clearly pictured them snacking away all day in front of the tv, and it took me just one look at the empty fridge and pantry to know I was right.
Of course busy carousing neither the traveling husband nor Kurt or Clara had thought about Goldyboy, the fish. The poor creature, when I went to feed him, nearly jumped out the tank with a piranha style pirouette in the attempt to eat my finger along with his flakes. He had not eaten for the whole time me and girls were away!

It has been a challenge but the house is back to its normal self, the fridge and the pantry are filled with food and the Christmas tree base is cramped with gifts.
Everything is set and ready, for another quiet christmas in our own home and with our own traditions.
And talking about tradition, it is now time to go and watch “love actually”, as in this house it is not Christmas without it.

I apologise if I disappointed my audience with an unusually short post and, let’s face it, quite crap tooπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ. I promise the next one will be longer and more entertaining; in the meanwhile I send all my WP friends a warm hug: Happy Christmas everybody, whatever it means for you.πŸŽ„