A Truly Madly Ordinary Scandinavian Awards Tale.”

Since my late teens years I have always been fascinated with Scandinavian countries. My love for the Nordics started from Denmark through the director Lars Von Trier and the writer Peter Hoeg. In my mid thirties I eventually went to visit those beautiful lands.Despite the fact I was carrying around a six months pregnant bump,that was the best holiday ever!.All my expectations were met and I fell even more in love with those countries and cultures that ,until then,I got to know only through movies and literature.
Because life sometime has a really funny way to present itself and pleases us,it happened that in the recent years I met few Swedish and Danes and I established my little circle of Scandinavian friends here in Ireland.On top of that,I met Swedish and Norwegian bloggers and,on top of the top of that, even my foster dog is going to Sweden.
Now, virtually over fika,I thank SINDRELF for my nominations.

Five Things I like about Myself:
Oh dear ,I don’t even know if I can go that far with the list but sure I like my positive attitude towards things:always look at the glass half full.
I am over all happy and grateful for what I have.
I like my eyes….if their sight would be as good as their look would be even be better but,as I said, I am happy enough with what I have.

Here I am definitely required to work a bit more with my answers:
1.I started blogging because, after keeping a diary for therapeutic reasons,I eventually remembered how good writing,(that is something I used to do since I was in primary school), made me feel.
2.I have a very sweet tooth , comfort food is cakes with cream.
3.I love horror and thriller movies,always did .
4.I don’t think I have one specific favorite song.It depends on the mood but, “Harvest Moon” always makes feel good and cheers me up.
5.My dream …..: having a book published and live a long healthy life surrounded by lots of dogs,as bats are not really pet material.
6.The perfect evening in is good food,good wine and ideally good company.If not,lets at least hope the wine will be abundant enough to forget the bad company.
7.As I haven’t visited all the countries in this planet I can’t really say what is the best one.
8.I would love a human colony on the moon but only if we will treat it with respect not like we are doing with hearth.
9.How humanity succumbs to extremism scares me to death.

I know I usually don’t do nominations because I don’t want to leave anybody out but this time I will and I will be fair as I am only nominating Scandinavian bloggers (please check their blogs as they really worth it)for a Scandinavian award of my invention:“Sunshine Nordic Little Thoughts “.

No list of questions and no pressure for my nominees ,just one curiosity:
Three things that pop into your mind while “walking on sunshine”?

My nominations are:


The Photo Bloggers(photobloggarna.se)

The Helsingian Pathfinder(helsingianpathfinder.com)


Hanne Siebers(toffeefee.wordpress.com)