Blogger Recognition 🥇

Thank you very much to to nominate me for this awesome blog award.

Now, I suppose it is time for me to talk about my blog and writing, in brief so you won’t get too bored.

When I started to write? A very long time ago, around 7 .My mom still has my first short story that I patiently typed with an old typewriter we had in the house…..yes, I am that old…..on my days we didn’t use computer to write.

I kept writing for most of my youth and had a couple of story published on the university gazette.Then, unfortunately, life took over and I started to work to pay the bills🤷🏻‍♀️But because the first love is never to be forgotten once I had a bit more time and thanks to my friend SJ who pushed me, I started my blog and what was in the beginning therapeutic became an addiction ….I could not stop writing and so I decided to prove myself with a novel.How did it go?Well it’s out there and an other one will be out by autumn time. (

So from here my advice to any writer/blogger can be only one: you like to write then do it! Never mind what you write about …..once it makes you happy then it worth it and it is good.

Rules Time:

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My Nominations:

And whoever wants to participate because all the bloggers I know deserve a reward😘.You are all amazing and if I didn’t mention you it’s because my index cannot take more copy and paste …..I seriously think I burned my fingerprints🙄