Every day inspirations: Home

It's funny how when I think about home I think about my home;the home where I live with my own family ,but if I think at the smell of home I think at the smell of old freshly varnished wood of the house where I grew up: I think about my parents ' house .
The very same house I called home for a long time even after I moved out and even after moving abroad.
For few good years, in fact, I used to say :I'm going back home", when visiting my country of origin.
Now I don't go home anymore,I go to my parents' house, visiting or holidaying and then I come back home.
You are probably thinking ,"fair enough", "this is absolutely normal", and it is !but pay attention at the words: my "home"; their " house", and this is probably not fair enough. Isn't other people entitled to have a home? It might not be home for me anymore ,but sure it is for my parents.
It is just me, unconsciously calling other people home "house" or is it a common thing to do in order to make our own home unique?
Most probably , it is something we do , being completely oblivious to the hidden meaning.
If we are lucky enough to call a place " home ",in fact, we don't need to make it unique because it is already the most special place in the world!!!

Every day inspirations

What do I like?
I like reading,good movies,good tv dramas,I like clothes and accessories (not necessarily expensive).i like talking with my good friends ,I like doing my yoga on my own and I like new things.
I'm curious and I am greedy of new experiences despite the fact sometimes it is very hard pushing myself behind my safe comfort zone,
I nearly forgot, I like coffee and I like cake and cheese……..but sometimes I wish I wouldn't….. because I wouldn't be much slimmer😜
What did I learn?
I learned not to judge by the cover.
I learned that we are what we are and there is nothing we can't do about it……our nature can't change,must not change ,in the same way we can't ask the ones around us to change.Acceptance is the key.
I learned I have limits…..lots of limits .
I learned hard work always pays back,even if at long term.
I learned not to be afraid of showing what I am
I learned sometimes you just must be happy with what you have cause you can't have more.
What I wish
I wish to stay healthy
I wish the ones I love to stay healthy
I wish to always have a happy life with my family
I wish my blog good
Things I am good at
I am good at listening
I am good at organising day by day life.(probably to balance the traffic jam of thoughts and emotions in my head)
I am good at baking
I am good at taking care of people…..I know it is a bit presumptuous of me to say but I have got good feedbacks over the years
I am good at writing?
I am good at judging characters,most of the time.

The road inside the road

8.45am,we are on the bus to go collecting our rental car and then heading to Tuscany.
Girls are very excited,looking forward to see the leaning tower.
My husband already got stressed because we were slightly late leaving the house to fetch the bus and once at the station there was a long queue for tickets and obviously only one till open(this is Italy!!!) .
We eventually made it to the bus .
He relaxed , I am insisting I want a "slow" holiday.
I am watching out of the window.
I did this road many many times over the years but this morning it looks like a route I have never taken,a road I have never driven through,a landscape I have never seen before.
Is it because is the first time on the bus and I can see everything from a higher point of view or is it just my eyes, my mind ,my soul seeing things from a different ,higher, point of view???!!???
The countryside is still very green for being August. Despite the heat wave of the last few weeks the sun didn't burn the grass on the fields yet.
The orchards are showing their fruits and the river we are driving along never seemed so wide to me.
I am enchanted by his colour ,by the way it flows.
The light breeze makes It look like a big snake silently crawling toward its prey ,and ,here the prey comes, when the river join with the Venetian lagoon .
The snake has been fed,it is double its size now and the view in front of my eyes is spectacular !

Because I write……????

A such vast answer for a such simple question.I write because I like it and because I need it.It soothes me and when I start I find difficult to stop.It is like the pen is a calamite for my thoughts.

When I was a kid I used to write short stories and so I did on my early twenties then I stopped but please don’t ask me why ,because I don’t have an answer to that.I just stopped!

I started again few years back when in therapy as I ve been suggested to keep a diary and since then I never stopped again.

Therapy is over,diary is not written regularly anymore but I kept the habit to write down my thoughts,my feelings,what is happening and from there I started to pay more attention at what was going on around me,even the odours,the colours and started to feel the urge to write down what I was seeing and what I was feeling.

I never really dared to publish anything in the fear of not being interested enough but may be now it’s time to overcome this fear of the world judgement:Every feeling,every sensation,every point of view is interested enough ,at least for someone or….,this way it should be.

N.5 :The hardest.
Who knows me also knows I come as a pack with my dogs and my overthinking.
It is just sometime the overthinking is exhausting………….

Little big ordinary things

Looking from behind my husband and daughters going into the sea for a swim .

The beach is quiet,the sea is calm,the sun is still up and shining and I feel so peaceful and content.

Sometime we really don’t value enough the power of the little things and we spend so many time complaining about those that make us miserable that we don’t see the ones that scream:”you are blessed by life”


Starting to get depressed now………I'm afraid my posts are not interesting at all……may be they are too long?too obvious?🙁🙄🤔
May be I should let myself go a bit more?but there is a limit on what you can write on the web???!!????😎hope not cause if I let myself go more there is no guarantees 🤣

I know first thought might be :"easy to say if you are Meryl Streep" but there is one word I find particularly fascinating in this quote,"VIVID".
I love the idea of being vividly myself!!!


Desperate to escape the heat,I was floating in the sea all alone and I started to sing "you can't always get what you want".Just like that,out of the blue and just like that out of the blue it did hit me that: "you can't always get what you want but if you try sometime you just find what you need".
So true!!!!!
Would you agree?

How the Adams helped bringing my marriage back.

We organised a Halloween party ,dress up obligatory of course.I wanted for me and my husband to dress up like a couple,he didn’t even want to dress up😱

At the end I had it my way, and he quite warmed up to the idea of dressing up actually(to a point we are planning an other party for this year Halloween )

Two option:bloody doctor and nurse or Morticia and Gomez?

We both grew up with the Adams tv series so there was not much to think about.

Gomez and Morticia we were!

The night of the party came and we were absolutely fabulous in our costumes.

I loved my tight dress(of course my Bridget jones panties were keeping everything in😉),the red lipstick and the long black wig.

He ,on the other side,was perfect as Gomez,a very handsome one ….and enjoying his cigar.

I have to say we were particularly at easy as Morticia and Gomez and we really enjoy acting like them .

By the end of the evening I’m not sure we were acting but I’m sure of one thing:

we danced (tango obviously)and I fell in love all over again with “my Gomez”