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Little big ordinary things

Looking from behind my husband and daughters going into the sea for a swim . The beach is quiet,the sea is calm,the sun is still up and shining and I feel so peaceful and content. Sometime we really don’t value enough the power of the little things and we spend so many time complaining about…

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Starting to get depressed now………I'm afraid my posts are not interesting at all……may be they are too long?too obvious?🙁🙄🤔May be I should let myself go a bit more?but there is a limit on what you can write on the web???!!????😎hope not cause if I let myself go more there is no guarantees 🤣

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I know first thought might be :"easy to say if you are Meryl Streep" but there is one word I find particularly fascinating in this quote,"VIVID".I love the idea of being vividly myself!!!

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Desperate to escape the heat,I was floating in the sea all alone and I started to sing "you can't always get what you want".Just like that,out of the blue and just like that out of the blue it did hit me that: "you can't always get what you want but if you try sometime you…

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Why” truly madly ordinary”?

Why” truly madly ordinary”? First of all to honour one of my favourite writer,and one among you who reads her knows exactly what I am talking about. Second of all because it is a title that does describe quite well what I am…..or I think I am,but I am not alone…..and that ,it is something…

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Keeping busy on the plane

On the plane going on holidays.This is my first time writing on a plane. I usually read ( I love reading always being my way to escape from everybody and everything also,I have a tendency to bond with the characters,bringing them in my life exactly like they bring me into theirs.) If I don't read…

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I know I said see you tomorrow but just a brief pre bed time suggestion:the above book is great!I have always been skeptical about adults colouring book but this one is different.There are notes from the author and spaces for the readers to write down their own feelings,thoughts ,experiences.I admit She(the author )is a bit…

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1st of august 2017 the start

Ok, now this is something completely new for me and ,to be honest,I haven't a clue where to start 😳so probably now you are wondering why I'm doing it or just thinking I am fecking boring already 😱and may be I am ,may be this is already a too long introduction so let's cut the…

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