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  • Every day inspirations

    What do I like?I like reading,good movies,good tv dramas,I like clothes and accessories (not necessarily expensive).i like talking with my good friends ,I like doing my yoga on my own and I like new things.I'm curious and I am greedy… Read More ›

  • The road inside the road

    8.45am,we are on the bus to go collecting our rental car and then heading to Tuscany.Girls are very excited,looking forward to see the leaning tower.My husband already got stressed because we were slightly late leaving the house to fetch the… Read More ›

  • Because I write……????

    A such vast answer for a such simple question.I write because I like it and because I need it.It soothes me and when I start I find difficult to stop.It is like the pen is a calamite for my thoughts…. Read More ›

  • N.5 :The hardest.Who knows me also knows I come as a pack with my dogs and my overthinking.It is just sometime the overthinking is exhausting………….

  • Little big ordinary things

    Looking from behind my husband and daughters going into the sea for a swim . The beach is quiet,the sea is calm,the sun is still up and shining and I feel so peaceful and content. Sometime we really don’t value… Read More ›

  • Improvements

    Starting to get depressed now………I'm afraid my posts are not interesting at all……may be they are too long?too obvious?🙁🙄🤔May be I should let myself go a bit more?but there is a limit on what you can write on the web???!!????😎hope… Read More ›

  • I know first thought might be :"easy to say if you are Meryl Streep" but there is one word I find particularly fascinating in this quote,"VIVID".I love the idea of being vividly myself!!!

  • Epiphany

    Desperate to escape the heat,I was floating in the sea all alone and I started to sing "you can't always get what you want".Just like that,out of the blue and just like that out of the blue it did hit… Read More ›

  • How the Adams helped bringing my marriage back.

    We organised a Halloween party ,dress up obligatory of course.I wanted for me and my husband to dress up like a couple,he didn’t even want to dress up😱 At the end I had it my way, and he quite warmed… Read More ›

  • I still love you but I am not in love with you anymore

    Last 3years have been rollercoaster of emotions.We moved to a new house,a house I really wanted.the house was my project and I remember saying to my self "we can be really happy there".But what was I really meaning with that?At… Read More ›