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  • Improvements

    Starting to get depressed now………I'm afraid my posts are not interesting at all……may be they are too long?too obvious?🙁🙄🤔May be I should let myself go a bit more?but there is a limit on what you can write on the web???!!????😎hope… Read More ›

  • I know first thought might be :"easy to say if you are Meryl Streep" but there is one word I find particularly fascinating in this quote,"VIVID".I love the idea of being vividly myself!!!

  • Epiphany

    Desperate to escape the heat,I was floating in the sea all alone and I started to sing "you can't always get what you want".Just like that,out of the blue and just like that out of the blue it did hit… Read More ›

  • How the Adams helped bringing my marriage back.

    We organised a Halloween party ,dress up obligatory of course.I wanted for me and my husband to dress up like a couple,he didn’t even want to dress up😱 At the end I had it my way, and he quite warmed… Read More ›

  • I still love you but I am not in love with you anymore

    Last 3years have been rollercoaster of emotions.We moved to a new house,a house I really wanted.the house was my project and I remember saying to my self "we can be really happy there".But what was I really meaning with that?At… Read More ›

  • Why” truly madly ordinary”?

    Why” truly madly ordinary”? First of all to honour one of my favourite writer,and one among you who reads her knows exactly what I am talking about. Second of all because it is a title that does describe quite well… Read More ›

  • Keeping busy on the plane

    On the plane going on holidays.This is my first time writing on a plane. I usually read ( I love reading always being my way to escape from everybody and everything also,I have a tendency to bond with the characters,bringing… Read More ›

  • I know I said see you tomorrow but just a brief pre bed time suggestion:the above book is great!I have always been skeptical about adults colouring book but this one is different.There are notes from the author and spaces for… Read More ›

  • 1st of august 2017 the start

    Ok, now this is something completely new for me and ,to be honest,I haven't a clue where to start 😳so probably now you are wondering why I'm doing it or just thinking I am fecking boring already 😱and may be… Read More ›