Flu,Swollen eyes and Broken Teeth:Accidents Happen.

Monday morning happy and in great form the traveling husband is back in the air.His job is done:for once that he was home for an entire week, he spread his cold and sore throat germs all over the house.Saturday I spent my last drop of healthy energy following the rugby match and that was it.The rest of my S.Patrick’s week end was spent in bed.Thank fully it was not an awful dose and Monday there was no school so I had one more day to recover.

Tuesday was reality check time.The flu was gone but left behind one very stuffy nose and two very weak legs.Not enough to justify an other inside day.I had to shell out my pj,that was glued on my body since Saturday and face the external world.The external world was particularly sympathetic and it had presented me with a bright sunny day:”perfect”,I thought,”I might have to get dressed but I can skip to put make up on straight away.Just for today I can school drop simply wearing a pair of shades big enough to cover the post flu zombie color face.”. So I did but,while driving to school,my friend Toni’s words started to rumbling inside my head:”Never go out shabbily dressed and with no make up because that only fecking time you do it,you will bang into your husband’s fecking ex girlfriend and she will look like she just had a fecking full makeover”.Damn,I should have known better,because it is actually like that.That one time you go out looking like crap you meet someone you know but,considering that it is highly improbable( if not impossible) that I meet one of the travelling husband’s ex girlfriends in the middle of nowhere in Ireland at 8.30 am,I just punched those words off my mind and kept going as I was.

If I was still a bit lazy and slow ,the rest of my gang was hyper and happy to be back out.
Daughter number one was looking forward to present the class the science project she worked on for the last few days;Daughter number two was just happy to leave the house with no sticky ointment on her eyes to treat an infection that,for the last ten days,made her look like Rocky Balboa after the fight of his life;the giant dog was happy ,full stop.He doesn’t really need a specific reason.Last but not least,the little dog was probably the happiest of all to get out.Last Friday she had her bath and haircut and eventually she didn’t look like a lamb anymore.Eventually and cleverly,considering that Easter is around the corner!The problem is that she didn’t have the chance to show it off properly yet because of a little tiny insignificant domestic accident involving herself and daughter number one.

I was in the garden and suddenly I heard screaming and crying.I rushed in and followed the desperate lamentations while looking for blood or peaces of flashes scattered around the house. That scream of horror could have been generated only by an amputated limb. With my surprise the house was clean,pretty much as I left it. I found daughter number one sitting on the first step of the stairs in tears, hugging a distressed little dog.It is still unclear if the dog was in distressed because she was hugged too tight and couldn’t breath or because she had done something wrong.Good thing was that both of them were still in one piece and with no obvious traces of blood on them. I couldn’t see daughter number two but I was not worried because I could hear her practicing the fiddle upstairs, totally oblivious to whatever was happening downstairs. If only she would use that concentration for homework would be brilliant.
In between sobs I get the full picture of the events:Clara ,the dog,in the excitement to show her two legged older sister how pretty she looked and how nice she smelled,banged her head against daughter number one ‘s mouth and broke her a tooth.I have been showed the “cracked tooth”.It was not cracked,it was chipped and the chip was so small that I nearly needed a magnifying glass to properly see it. I immediately rang the dentist and got an emergency appointment for the very same afternoon.The child needed to be taken out her misery and I needed to get her out my neck, as soon as possible. Of course, being the hypochondriac daughter, she kept following me around the house asking questions about what was going to happen and picturing the worst case scenarios ever.She was already sure her tooth had to be removed and she had to face her teen years either tooth less in the front or with a very obvious fake tooth.I managed to convince her that most likely what it was going to happen was that they would have simply file or fill the tooth.

The dentist was the usual German guy.Both, him and the nurse,greeted me by name and with a big smile. Just to avoid wrong impressions I told them immediately that I was not joking when I wished not to see them for an other fifteen years,(no hurt feelings of course),and that the patient was not me but my daughter. With a very discreet whisper I also warned them to cut in half whatever the child would have said because she tends to dramatize.

Fifteen minutes later,with no pain and no drama, daughter number one is out.She is as good as new with two perfect straight and white front teeth and ready for ice cream,like nothing happened .

The Illusionist

Every year the school organize a big fund raising.
Over the years we went through some very fun nights like cheese and wine tasting;horse races;parents skills auction.I know,I am perfectly aware that last one it sounds slightly weird and it might be open to multiple interpretations but, don’t fantasize to much.
This year the event is supposed to be a really big thing.The school parent association,made by an amazing and hard working group of parents,managed to engage one of Ireland most famous illusionist and a comedian to open the evening.

To be honest I am not a big fun of magic but,that,it might be due to the fact that both my daughters are into magic tricks. Since they were small they developed, one after the other,an obsession for magic tricks. Boxes and boxes of equipment have been accumulated in the house over the years and I am constantly haunted to be shown the latest trick.So,why should I pay to watch something I can have performed at home,for free and every time I want…. included that time too many?!?

That said,it must also be said that my lack of enthusiasm for the school event this year was motivated by the fact that I was supposed to be away. I was going to Italy to attend some family business.A very brief trip:gone on Wednesday afternoon and back on Friday morning.Not even a week before I was leaving ,it turned out that the papers I was expected to sign were not ready and my trip has been cancelled.
I was now going to be here for the school fund raising and so was the traveling husband who,as consequence of my trip, had planned to work from Dublin for the week to be able to mind the fort in my absence.

I bought the tickets,organized the baby sitter and planned the outfit.I always find these kind of evenings clothes wise particularly difficult.You can’t be too elegant but not even too casual.,You don’t want to show you undervalue the event but you don’t want to be a walking statement saying far too much either. Most of all you sure don’t want to look like a tramp in front of a bunch of women blessed by a sharp tongue but not a very sharp brain.Nice bubbly accessorize,jeans to not look overdressed and high heels to not look under dressed: Outfit sorted.

The problem was now that, as more close to the event we were getting,as more the worry to be picked up from the audience was raising inside me.They always do that in the movies right?!? So I can only assume that it is the way that happen in reality too!I know what you are thinking and I can tell you since now that I was not afraid to be hypnotized and act and sound like a chicken in front of 300 people.My fear, was more to be hypnotized and say SOMETHING…(out of honesty)….about SOMEONE……present in the room. Imagine that.Because, that something, it could be the true and the true is rarely pleasant in this little social circles!It is hard enough to hold your tongue when you are self conscious.When you are not,it must be practically impossible.And not everybody has sense of humor.
I exposed my concern to a friend and he wisely reassured me saying that not everybody are susceptible to hypnosis. I felt better immediately but, not for long.There was still the chance to be picked up and,still,I had no idea if I was a good or not subject to be hypnotized:I had to take the risk.Hopefully, the usual grumpy attitude of the husband would keep away not only the annoying cheap chatters but also the magician’s assistant in his search for sacrificial victims.
Ops,did I say “grumpy”attitude?Apologies,it must have been a lapsus,I meant “private” attitude,obviously!

The night of the school gig arrived,windy and rainy.I had to last minute change the carefully picked outfit for the evening.Walking into paddles in high heels is never a good idea.My Feet would have stayed wet and slimy for the rest of the night and do not help the cold I was coming down with.
For an incredible fluke we did find parking right in front of the door.With no rain upon us we went in ready to be mesmerized.Everything was very well organized. The bar was busy:you can’t risk to get thirsty during the show.
All the familiar faces from the school greeting each others.The few little gangs of moms gossiping and checking scrupulously what the components of the rival gangs were wearing. Fake smiles and sincere grins were thrown here and there across the room. If looks could murder there could have been few empty chairs there.

The comedian was a young girl and she was absolutely brilliant.Sharp and harsh.I could see some very puzzled faces;some outraged but, most of all, I could hear laughs:Loud laughs included mine.At one stage I had to wipe the tears from my eyes.
A quick interval to buy an other drink and some raffle tickets and we were ready for the man of the night.It is my first time to watch an illusionist’s show. I am not exactly sure what to expect.My only experience about it comes from “Now you see me” 1 and 2.

At the end of the show I can sincerely say it was far above my exceptions. He is a brilliant show man performing great tricks. I said at the end of the show because only at that point I managed to relax and don’t jump on my seat in full panic every time Jose’,the assistant, was wondering around the audience to pick “the volunteers”.
Both myself and the traveling husband are glad we went and,to finish the night with the same incredible fluke it started, I won a huge bouquet of flowers.First time in years despite the fortune I usually spend in school raffle tickets.
May be,after tonight,I will look at the world of magic through totally different eyes.

An Early Mother’S Day Present.

Mother’s day is here.Flowers, cards, cakes and happy smiles all over the shops’ windows.We,as mothers, are spoiled today. If you ask me,the whole sense of mother’s day is misinterpreted.Today is “our”day:the day we are supposed to be celebrated and pampered.The day we should be given a free pass for a day at the spa, ON OUR OWN!!!It might sound harsh or ungrateful but it is not.It is also a practical and perfect solution to avoid the conflict of being a daughter and a mother at the same time.A condition that,can be very tricky indeed.The risk,in fact,is that you might end up juggling around all day, trying to properly celebrate your mother and at the same time let your kids to properly celebrate you.By the end of the day you will be stressed,exhausted and feeling guilty. Guilty that you haven’t spent enough time with either your own mother or your own kids.Guilt,then,brings the urge for comforting food.Before even realizing it,in the quiet of the evening, you will be savaging the left over half cake that your darling ones bought you.Delighted by its delicious taste and by the thought that it has been picked exactly with you in mind in your favorite bakery, you will feel immediately much better.Much better until the awarness that,all the cream you are greedily spooning in your mouth with a such delight of your soul,will go straight on your hips.The last two weeks of strict diet to fit in that dress for that party you have been invited to are ruined.None a chance you will be able to live the house without your “Bridget Jones panties” and breath naturally for the rest of the evening.Boom!You will still love your kids dearly but,what did your better half have in mind when allowed them to buy that cake?!?He should have known you couldn’t resist it.It is a bit of a stretch,I know, but someone must be blamed right?And it cannot be the kids because it is mother’s day and we love them the most and feel honored to have them.At this point that ecstatic expression on your face and the smile accompanying every bite are gradually fading .The plate is dropped on the ground for the benefit of the dogs.”Sharing is caring” they say,most of all when it comes to calories!

If today I will enjoy mother’s day with my little messers and,hopefully a delicious cake full of cream,yesterday I celebrated my way and gave myself an early mother’s day present:I took a day off on my own.

Nice silk dress, knee high black boots and off I go for my day in the city.Browsing around shops,lunch,as much time as I want in the three stores book shop I love.This is my plan.The tyraffic is atrocious.I totally forgot that Ireland is playing Scotland at home.Damn,according with my time table I am already late.The multistore car park I usually go is full.Damn,that is an other delay as I have to go the other one.

Nearly an hour later then I planned I managed to leave the car and start my day in town.I browsed around all those little shops I never get to go.I went through all the stands of the craft markets my gang has never the patient to come to.I tried on dozen of ridiculous high heels shoes that, I will never buy because I am not suicidal.Thirsty and angry,I stopped in a coffee shop and been so lucky to find a table by the window.A perfect view on the Main Street.I got lost in the traffic of people parading in front of me and I wondered what their stories were.Once I got my energy back I went through the whole three floors of the book shop.I meticulously inspected the shelves from the latest best sellers back to the oldest editions.

Two books and Two pair of shoes later,( because I like to be fair),I am ready to leave.During the afternoon the sun made its way through the clouds and shines warm up in the sky. I am too hot in these boots:What was I thinking?I usually don’t even wear socks!I quickly slip on my new shoes,reasonably heeled and not dangerous for my capacity of balancing.I ahead to the car but not before stopping by a french little place to have a cosmopolitan at the bar….Naughty, I know,because I have to drive but,the dose of alcohol is so low that sure I don’t risk to get drunk and I made sure to have some peanuts too.

The Non Celebrated 8th Of March

Growing up, in my house, international women’s day has never been celebrated.At least not in the most conventional of the ways.My early memories of the 8th of March are my grandfather buying mimosas for all the women of the family and my mother inventing excuses on the phone to avoid to go out with her “friends”.When I asked her why she was not going out with all the other mothers, she simply answered that, women’s day, was not to be celebrated acting like a “group of hens” allowed for one night to leave the farm:Full stop!

When I was a bit older and it was popular for birthdays or occasions going for a early pizza in some local place, I have been asked by some school friend to go out for women’s day.To be honest, I don’t think there was any ideological motivation. It was more an excuse to go out on a school night and feel “grown up”.My mom dropped me and collected me.That night, I understood very clearly what she meant. The pizzeria was crowded with women squawking like geese.You couldn’t even hear your own voice.It was my first and last women’s day night out.Feeling defeated I had to say to my mother she was right.Feeling relieved,she realized that all her efforts were paying back.She was not raising a chicken!

The following year,with the traditional mimosas, it arrived a book about the role of women in history too.With my great surprised,it arrived also an invitation to celebrate international women’s day with my mother.I was puzzled and said I thought she didn’t do a such a thing.”Well”,she replayed,”certainly I do.I just do it properly and, now, you are old enough to come along”.
The eight of march of my first high school year,I went to my first poetry reading.It was of course a poetess. All of a sudden everything was clear. I eventually found out where she was going every year when disappearing for few hours during the day or evening. Some year it was a poetry reading,some other it was an art exhibition or a movie.It only had to be a woman’s work. Alda Merini was my initiation,Freeda Kahlo came after,Virginia Wolfe to follow,Anais Nin and so on. Every year I had the pleasure to discover the company of some woman who made the difference and shaped the world I am living.

There are so many women we own so many things to but,lets not forget the “everyday” women.There is a silent army of truly madly ordinary women that shape this world every day ,unnoticed and unrewarded.
For all those women I would like you to check a post I read this morning and that,indeed, shaped my day:http://benaqiba.com/8-march/

A Glimpse Of Spring.

We are no longer under snow siege.A couple of days of good old classic Irish weather and the snow is gone.Along with the snow the husband is gone too,for the week I mean,not permanently.Well, I actually overheard a phone conversation about two weeks in Cuba but, as I have not been asked to pack Hawaiian shirts and bermudas shorts fir him,I assume he will be back on Friday as planned.The girls are gone back to school and the dogs are back “galloping” on the beach and sleeping comfortable on the bed without having to share their half with the master.Me:I regained my morning freedom.

Some leftover snow is still visible on the side of the roads.Today is a sunny bright day and more likely what the rain didn’t manage to wash away the sun will melt for sure.
For the first time in days, I have been able to sit on my vintage bench in the back garden and enjoy my mid morning coffee.The snow left dirt and some badly injured plants.The strongest of the daffodils made it trough and found the inner force to lift their heads back up.If it wouldn’t be for some rebellious white spot still resisting to thaw,the weather of the last week would be totally forgotten.Today it would be a typical early spring day.One of those days that brings you out of winter and set your mind on gardening ad tiding up the patio. One of those early spring days that easily deceives reality and takes pleasure in blowing all of a sudden a chill wind .I personally have learned not to fall for its tricks.I am well aware that it is far too early to plant and prepare the garden for the nice season but,I can’t dismiss the desire of colors I feel.I am done with the grey-black of the sky and the white of the ground. I need patches of color.If outside I have to be happy with yellow of the daffodils and the red of the cyclamens, inside I can have all the colors I want. No more white or orange lilies:They are for winter time.No roses either, they are for special occasions.Beside,only recently, I have been so lucky to be spoiled with a bunch of yellow ones.My favorite.
This, is the time of tulips an hyacinths.

In the next village, there are more florists,chemists and hairdressers then inhabitants. For the size of the place,there might be too many doctor surgeries just as well.I always wondered if there is a reason.Like: You get sick,go to the doctor and then to chemistry with your prescription.Then, if whatever you are sick with is particularly serious, you end up house bound and people will come and visit.At that stage,because good manners say that when you visit someone,you bring flowers,here explained the florists.The circle is closed.Except for the hairdresser.Those,I am still pondering where to place them n the chain:Do you go to have your hair done before going to the doctor?Or before going to visit your sick friend?I will leave you making your own hypothesis.

Of all the florists, there is one I like in particular.It is a small shop but full of pretty things inside. The flowers are always beautifully displayed in its windows that are a real invitation to go in.Despite its beautiful flowers and the little pretty objects,what captured my attention when I first saw it,it was the name:”Wisterya Lane Florist”.I bet this will ring a bell to a good part of my female audience.Well,I know at least one of my readers who is familiar with the name.

All wrapped up in this urge of colors,this morning I decided to give myself a flowery treat.The idea was to buy a bunch of multi colors tulips.What I actually bought were two bunches of colorful and scented hyacinths. As happy as a perfect desperate housewife I go home driving a car that, for once, smells sweet and flowery instead of wet dogs.
Once home, I unwrap my hyacinths and carefully place them in multiple vases that I spread around the house and, with them, a lighthearted spring mood.

I don’t care how long they will last and I don’t care if outside the wind has gone cold again.I don’t care if the sky is turning grey as, for today ,I put on a spring face!

The Bless Of Emma

I have to be honest and confess I did not think it was going to be as bad as the forecast said.When Ophelia came she totally missed this coast of Ireland and all the alarmism and the preparations were useless.Well,not really useless,I suppose in these cases is always better be safe then sorry. Anyway,despite the fact they were talking for days about this snowy storm and orange alarm codes were sent everywhere across the country,I was still quite relaxed.I didn’t fill the shed with stocks of no perishable tin food,wood for the fireplace or candles in case of a power cut.Considering we are at the third day of a”white spring”wonderland ,may be I should have.Red alarm codes have been issued and I have been proven wrong!

It is snowing non stop since Tuesday night and since yesterday we are in the middle of a proper blizzard.Heavy cold wind and snow.Bye bye shy daffodils that eventually were standing proud and happy on my pots.They have been all decapitated by a heavy white coat of snow.The landscape all around the village is surreal.I have never seen so much snow in Ireland.

Yesterday evening I was drinking a cup of tea sitting by the window.White all around me.The dark sky was crying round fluffy tears that, the wind took care of spreading around before they could land on the ground and add more layers of white.The back gables were banging violently. Eolo was whistling with bold force and loud noise.I was transported into an other dimension.I was a character of an Icelandic drama, I was inside Fortitude:Tomorrow morning, I better check the newspaper for some gruesome unexplained accident to be happened overnight.

The country is paralyzed and Emma brought so much disruption but,”she”also arrived at the right time.The right time for me at least.I am well aware I should not say this but,it is the true.
The visit of my mother and my mother in law just few days apart one from the other left me drained.
Tension and exhaustion and mad cleaning summed up to more tension and exhaustion and more mad cleaning.I woke up on Monday and the only thought of driving around all day for the rest of the week made want to shut the curtains and going back to bed.The sky listened at me:Tuesday night the first snow saved me from driving down to chess club and diligently perform my supervisor parent duty.Wednesday morning a white mantel covering everything saved me from school runs and afternoon activities for the rest of the week.

The girls are super excited,I am delighted to be able to take my time. The traveling husband,who was conveniently not traveling this week,decided to work from home.He is till not back to the office but, even if he is at home all day, we don’t really see much of him. He took possession of the study and he locks himself in there all day.We might not see him but we can hear him shouting on the phone.Good thing is ,thank to the sound eliminator headphones he recently bought,he cannot hear us and we don’t have to tip toes around the house all day.I know what you are thinking:no,he cannot use the headphones to not listen at his wife.The miracle headphone are not wifeproof ,(so they are not really miraculous ),plus they are big and visible.I always make sure he removed them when I am talking to him. Still there is doubts about the level of attention I am given but,at least, I am sure of annoying his hearing.

The excitement of the first day of snow made us venture to the fields with the dogs for a walk.The roads were not that bad and we ventured to the supermarket too.This time we got some food stock and we did right as yesterday and today I am not venturing anywhere but the back garden and, for a very limited time.The roads are covered in snow and the wind would probably move my little car without me needing to switch the engine on.Thing that,thinking a bit deeper,would eliminate permanently from my life the burden of stopping for petrol.It still doesn’t worth it!

The girls are busy outside for three consecutive freezing days now.They come in every once in a while for a “snow break” and to change their gloves with a dry pair.They are working on a snow wall/igloo.It is depend to which one of the two snow architect you ask.They also secured their project with a snow lady guarding the building site from outside the house.

The snow brought a festive atmosphere in the little neighborhood of mine and encouraged to get out also the indoor family.All out to play with their sleds.The adventure with the sleds was brief but the chance to show off the brand new snow apparel and equipment was taken.Now they can happily go back inside for the rest of the week.The good neighbor, instead,after getting my attention throwing snowball at the window, invited me over and so we managed to have that catch up talk over cakes and coffee that we were trying to arrange for a while.

In all this,the dogs are coping well, even despite the lack of decent walks.Clara could’t care less and I have literally to throw her out in the morning.She could hold it until the snow is gone.I am not going to take that chance,ladies of her age cannot be trusted.Kurt is seeing the big snow for the first time.Disappointingly he seemed quite indifferent,the first and second day but,today,he finally realized what it is for:IT is there to play with!I have been writing at the kitchen table for the last hour and for the last hour he is out there in the back garden galloping like a crazy little horse,flipping the snow around and chasing the flakes that are still falling .

Despite I am housebound my mood is still ecstatic. Despite all my gang is home all day long, I never had so much time for myself and my writing like in the last few days and, frankly,I don’t see the situation changing much until Sunday. Weather wise from Sunday everything should start to go back to normal. By Monday we will hopefully all go back to BAU but, for the time being, I must thank Emma to bringing me these few extra days of holidays so needed by my tired soul and body.

The Mother In Law and The Local Scandal

The mother in law came an left and all went well.
I say surprisingly well ,considering that the last time she was over was 7 years ago and we are back talking to each other only in the last three years.I won’t go into details but I would just say that the all three of us learned something from the past.She,in particular,learned not to run over people like a bulldozer at full speed.The woman is pocket size but with the will of a giant:she is a kitten with the ego of a lion.
The expected awkward moments didn’t really come.We managed to hold our tongues when told that her best friend grandchildren,who are the same age of the girls, fluently speak eighteen languages already and ,on the other side,she managed to hold her tongue when she didn’t find branded clothes inside the girls wardrobe.We are obviously cheap parents.

The fact that her visit was very short and without drama,doesn’t mean there haven’t been few twisted moments,don’t worry.

Friday passed in between collecting her from the airport,showing her around the village and the house and then we went out for dinner.Ice was broken successfully.The girls were happy to see her and immediately asked about the great grandmother’s dog they haven’t seen since last summer.He is still alive and kicking.The poor grandmother instead,died two years ago and,not being particularly fond of her own family in general,left her house to her her beloved dog along with a trust fund to be used to pay for the lady who is looking after him.

The following morning,the girls made breakfast and set a beautiful table in the kitchen.Myself and the traveling husband were the last to come down.I am still not sure what to make of that look we have been given:was she complimenting us for our parenthood skills on raising such independent and well trained girls?or was she more acknowledging us like lazy and lousy parents who oversleep while their daughters have to work in the kitchen?May be better not to know.Whatever it meant, at the end,she very much enjoyed her toasts and coffee .
A good night sleep and a big pot of coffee never failed to relax a soul.She was chatty and soon unleashed herself on updating us on the latest gossip of the little busy hometown.

I have to say that the little fisherman village my husband comes from was always interestingly peculiar.His family owns an hotel for 3 generation now,(as the brother took over the business in the recent years),but neither of the grandparents,on both side, were local. In a way the family is still a “blow in” to the born and bred villagers’eye.Nonetheless they are indeed well involved in the community.
Summer time the village is busy with tourists but winter time the population might not be over ten thousand,surrounded areas included.Everybody knows everybody and nearly everybody is called by their nick name.Except for my husband’s family’s members who are not pure native blood.
After all these years of absence,(happy absence),we are totally estranged to that life and with curiosity we listened at the fate of our old time friends.

The place might have the idyllic setting of Mrs Fletcher’s Cabot Cove but, it has the hearth of the most infamous Peyton Place instead.Divorcing seems to have become one of the most popular sport along with breeding children around for then forget to take responsibility. Affairs wouldn’t even be a topic of gossip any more,unless something particularly juicy is involved. Despite this relaxed attitude,in the recent months, a scandal managed to shake the entire village at every level.
A big narcotics police operation resulted in the arrest of a couple of local drug dealers.That really didn’t surprise no one as they were in business since we were in our early twenties.We,our self ,were on the contrary surprised they haven’t been arrested already.Obviously, they were skilled and good in what they did. What cause the hullabaloo,was that the two criminal masterminds totally lost it in prison and named all their clients.Half of the village has been questioned and is now at the house arrests.The other half, the local royalty, probably collaborated and cut a deal.Smart move but,in fairness, they had the best attorney in town:The Mayor himself.Allegation about his involvement have been made but up to now he is still clean and still running the town.

A long and boring winter indeed for what was left of the village population deprived of the main recreational facilities.With the same police operation, in fact,they also shut down a clandestine brothel.Coincidentally,the brothel was run on the property of the the former governor who,was already house bound for bribery.
If that was not bad enough,the village was also left with no doctor.The old golden bachelor GP,was a regular of both illegal activities.It must be said ,at this point,that nobody was really upset when the doctor was arrested and why but,they apparently are all annoyed with the young and fussy substitute who refuses to prepare prescriptions over the phone.

I say that for a Saturday morning these are enough information to take in. We were actually hoping she would go more in details about the family old friend she is hanging out with in the last year.She didn’t and it almost looks like she feels to justify herself when talking about their trips and time spent together.Thing,this one, that I find very sweet but totally unnecessary.Both her sons and me too, are in fact more then happy she found a companion and,for what we heard,so are the man’s two sons.

We eventually dress up and go out.
The weather is cold but sunny,we had fish and chips outside on the pier.The blue sky made us attempt a stroll bu the sun is not warm and before heading back to the car we treat our self with a hot chocolate and some macaroons.
Back home the girls and their grandma plays an endless game of cards while I even have time to write and the husband to watch tv. Wow,I am sorry to say that to have the mother in law here is nearly easier then having my own mother. Probably because she doesn’t require or want my company.She is just happy to spend time with the girls and I am just happy to get rid of them for a while.Win Win situation.

Sunday presented itself as an other weather wise beautiful day.This morning I have to do breakfast myself. After freezing at the hypochondriac daughter’s hockey match,we all go out for a late lunch.The afternoon proceeds quiet and lazy in the house until, the mother in law mobile rings .A text came in.She read it and her face changes every color of the rainbow.She is sitting straight in front of me as I am serving her some tea. I pretend not to notice.She is a bit puzzled.I can’t resist any longer:”is it everything ok?”.”Yes,just probably a mistake”,she replays and starts texting back.A couple of more texts arrive,she reads them and start laughing.

Long story short:The text came from P,their family friend who have been a womanizer all his life.The wife stopped bothering about a while ago and the two daughters always tried to keep things under control and limit the damages.The man is now 84 and hasn’t lost his “mojo”yet.Now that he is retired then,he has plenty of free time in his hands.Over the years he got smarter and bought himself a sort of boudoir that, is really not a secret.He bought himself a second mobile phone too that,instead,was a well kept secret until today.The man might still be able to handle two mistresses at the time,(with some chemical help I guess), but as the age is what it is and his memory and sight are gradually failing him, he texted from the wrong phone.Destiny,in all it’s meanness,played against him and had the two mistresses share the initial letter of their names with my mother in law and his eldest daughter. Probably in the rush of the moment, he grabbed the “family”phone,scroll down the agenda and, most likely not wearing his glasses, he texted the wrong recipients.Oh my,if we all had a laugh about the little misunderstanding, I don’t want to think what his daughter reaction could have been instead!I can assure you,the text was not for innocent eyes or ears.
This is my truly madly ordinary mother in law and this is the truly madly ordinary life of a little fisherman village in the truly madly ordinary Italian province.