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The little birthday vacation

In the last few years, we always take a little family vacation over the second week of the school Easter holidays. This year it coincided with my birthday, and I was very excited to celebrate my birthday away….until reality hit me. The day of my birthday we had the ferry booked for one of the…

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The Easter Break

Happy Easter wonderful WP People. I know on Sunday I’m supposed to post but I’ll have to take a two weeks break but I’ll be back soon with new Truly Madly Ordinary adventures. But because I know you are all loosing your sleep I can give you ahead up saying that Mr.M has eventually showed…

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The Plumber

When my Argentinian friend asked what was my next post about, I genuinely answered “the plumber”. With the complicity of a couple of glasses, he quickly responded that in most of the movies from his teenage years, there was a plumber. From the kick his girlfriend gave him under the table, I can only imagine…

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Strange Things Happen

After the disappointment of discovering that I couldn’t open a facebook business page without a private account, I had to go back full speed on the platform. My memory of FB was families and friends sharing pics of their holidays and their exciting and luxurious life, that could not be more different from reality. That…

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Happy World Book Day

For you beautiful WP people, Fields Of Lies is free on Kindle today. Download your copy and have a gripping World Book Day P.S See you all back for a new Ortensia adventure over the week end 😀💗

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Happy House

Happy wife, happy house, or at least that is what they say! And what does a woman happy, besides receiving presents with clear sparkling stones of many shapes and sizes embedded in them? The answer is simple: Renovating and redecorating her house. I know it is a terrible fifties cliche’, but I had to find…

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