Trust Your Instinct.

Monday night was the night of the women moon circle workshop and I was really looking forward to it.
After enjoying the beach with minus three degree trying to share the dogs enthusiasm for a run in the freedom and on the frozen sand,I dedicated my morning to yoga and a big house cleaning.Big and badly needed after the entire week end of neglection and guests over.I was mention to some of my fellow bloggers that Monday I was planning a relaxing afternoon of ironing while watching an old episodes of Columbo.Relaxed by ironing!…It speaks by itself! That is also why I didn’t say a “relaxing” and “pleasant” afternoon.May be relaxing is not even the right word!Probably the right word would be “uneventful”.Yesss,that is exactly what I was planning:an uneventful afternoon.Checking by pure coincidence the calendar,I was dusting the bookshelf beside, I realised that Monday was actually supposed to be instead an eventful day.
I consider myself a quite organised person and I never forget to pin on my calendar my appointments, along with those one of the girls, being their chauffeur, and the husband’s ones, in order to remind him and not to clash with them. What I constantly forget,is to check the calendar….A forgetfulness that result in a long line of missed appointments and late last minutes runs here and there.

I did get to do my ironing at the end but the afternoon was far from being relaxing and uneventful.The ironing was done in slots between driving one of the dog to and from the groomer;in between explaining to the window guy, first on the phone how to get to the house,and then how I want my new back garden door.The schedule of the day turned to be tight,considering also that I had to feed the girls before going and make sure the travelling husband remembered to get home early.Thing, the last one,implying a phone call or a remind text every 30 minutes from 5pm on.
630pm,the traveling husband is on its way, perfectly on time.His dinner is in the oven,pretty much on time too.The girls are fed.The box lunches for tomorrow are ready and in the fridge.I just have to store away the pile of clean and freshly ironed laundry and get ready myself.

When I stepped into the shower I remember there was another thing scheduled for today:the plumber.
Probably the only one I would have happily allowed to make my day eventful.Since friday my shower is doing a very loud and angry noise, like it is exploding any minute soon.I don’t trust it.I turned it off and naked as I am I run to the girls’ bathroom to have my shower there.I never use that shower so none of my usual products are in there and sure I don’t want to wash myself with “my little pony”bath gel and smell strawberry and Big Bubble chewing gum for the rest of the evening.Naked as I am I run back to my bathroom and grab my shower gel and shampoo.Just for the record,it is wednesday and I am still,full of hope and faith, waiting for the plumber.

I am now stressed,late and in a hurry.I look outside and realised the lane is already covered in ice.
Did I mention that monday and tuesday we had an orange warning about temperature down to minus 8 degrees?It is probably nothing for canadians but for us, here in Ireland, it is pretty cold and pretty scary if you have to drive at night in the narrow unpaved country roads where lamps street have not been discovered yet .What would I do?I don’t want to sound like a “sissy” driver but my instinct is sending me warning of danger.An orange siren is echoing in my head.

I consult with my good neighbour,who is supposed to come with me.She is not going:too cold and too icy.I am very tired and the road is very icy.I rang the other friend who is actually facing the same dilemma.The main concern is coming back late at night driving in the pitch dark on an icy roads full of black spots.The traveling husband seems shocked that a bit of ice is stopping me.He says I will be alright and,after making me feel like a “precious”incompetent driver,he finally advises me to do whatever I feel.I feel lots of thing actually:I feel I let the organisers of the workshop down;I feel disappointed not to go because I am very curious to see how it is;I feel it is an avoidable risk.I strongly want to go but my gut says no to.Dilemma ,Dilemma.I reached the decision to not go.I know that if I go and something happens I will regret it. I will blame myself to not have trusted my instinct.

Being a fiery, passionate woman it took me a while to learn to count up to 10 before acting or talking .It took me a lot to learn not to act or speak on the verge of the moment.It came a long way but I learned to “suffocate” my impulse.The impulse but not the instinct. Too many times I went against my instinct because it was irrational and because it was suggesting something I didn’t really like.All the time I did it I ended up to regret it!So, yes, I learned the hard way to listen to my gut.Too many scars ,consequences of me ignoring them, are already pulsing and hurting.My wise friend Tony, when I turn to her for advice,always says:”follow your instict.You can’t be wrong”.From the smallest to the biggest of the issues,and so I try to do! Sometimes successfully,sometimes not.Sometimes the little advising voice is loud and some other times is just a whisper.When it is loud,I well know I have to listen to it.Unfortunately,despite all my idealistic wisdom,I still stumble into my selfish superficiality.I stumble and fall in the vortex of the immediate satisfaction ignoring the only right thing to do:listen faithful to my instinct ,to that taunting ,annoying inner voice that doesn’t give rational explanation but that,if listened to,can avoid mistakes:big or small but both highly regrettable.Sometimes I ignore it with awareness and some other times I don’t.Sometimes I ignore it simply because it doesn’t say what I want to hear; some other times I ignore it simply because I chose to obscure its voice with the noise of my confusion and uncertainty about what to do ,where to go,who to be.The only certain thing is that every time I don’t listen to my instinct I pay the price.

“Errare humanum est, sed perseverare diabolicum”,Seneca used to say.In consideration of that, Monday night I didn’t go to the women moon circle workshop.I had instead a nice vino with my husband, home early for once.It was the right choice and not for the nice red wine I had but, for the fact that the workshop actually never happened.It was so cold that the gate of the building hosting the event was frozen and it couldn’t be open.Work shop cancelled for the day and postponed.
Moral of the story:always listen at your gut.Things will work out fine!

That Truly Madly Ordinary Night of The Office Christmas Party.

This time last year it was Office Christmas Party time.No,not mine.Those days are long gone for me.Now I organise my own Christmas party. It was the travelling husband’s company Christmas party.He was off that day and went in only for the party.I dropped him at the train station late afternoon and headed home for a cosy night in. Early pj,big bowl of salad to be eaten on the couch and,with some luck,a french thriller or comedy.They would be both noir being french.I love that peculiar nearly arrogant allure that french movies usually have.Everything went according with my plan,for once.

I was nice and warm in my big bed,all for myself for an ther couple of hours or more.I read few pages and then I was nearly falling asleep when I heard voices from the street coming closer and closer. “Strange”,I tought.It sounded like they were literally outside my window.At first I thought it was my neighbors and so when the dogs heard them as well and run downstairs barking like crazy I didn’t worried and didn’t bother to get up and check until they made the alarm go off.I got down,switched off the alarm and set it back on and went to bed giving out at the two creature that were loyally following me .I turn the night light off and tried to sleep.Ten minutes passed and the voices were back,closer than ever.The giant dog that clearly has an hearing system that even Clark Kant would envy,raised his head and started to growl ready to bark and go back down and let the alarm off…again.Not this time! I have been much quicker than him and while holding him by a leg I managed to jump out the bed and shut the bedroom’s door.At least they were both contained inside and well far away from the alarm sensor.

I open the curtains and saw a guy walking up and down the lane speaking on his phone and kneeling down to check under my car.That was freaky.I opened the window and asked if he needed something.He seemed annoyed by my interruption of his phone call and he dismissed me blathering something I didn’t get.Allright, I was sleepy but not totally numb.If someone should have been annoyed that should have been me.I opened the window again and said to him that he was in my property and he was better give me some explanation or i would have called the police:”Don’t worry mam,I did already and they are on their way”. Then it was when my night turned noir itself!

Long story short:He was a policeman,off duty that night.They went to rob at his parents’ and he managed to follow the thief up to my road and the he lost him:”So what you think he is hiding under my car?”.It didn’t really make sense.The guy explained that he was actually looking for the stolen goods.The robber might have dropped it to avoid to have it on him if he was caught.Satisfied by the explanation but slightly nervous at the idea that a robber was probably hiding in the neighborhood.I retreated my head from the window.

It was well passed midnight.A police patrol came up and went off.I rang the travelling husband that obviously didn’t answer so I texted him saying we might have a fugitive in the garden but apparently police were already involved.”Get your rifle out”,that was the text I received back.Would I get upset or would I have a laugh?I laughed,thinking it could have actually not be a bad idea.I was sure he would have rang shortly after or texted me.I went back to bed . Around 1.30am I heard more voices and I saw lights outside through the curtains.Blue and white police sirens lights.Two police patrols are outside the house with three uniformed officers and then an unmarked car arrives and the local lieutenant get out. I lock the dogs in the kitchen and I go out to see what is going on. After having surrounded the area and looked everywhere for the robber they are now convinced he is hiding somewhere in the neighborhood.To give you a better idea,my neighborhood is a private lane,cul de sac,ending with four houses well detached one from the other:no much space to hide if not in one of the garden isnt it?

All the neighbours are out.Two lost interest soon and went back inside.The others are still out chatting with the guards.To be precise,the wife is chatting with the guards and the husband is trying to make her go inside. She is just back from her company christmas party with few drinks to many in her body,still trapped in a black evening dress conveniently covered by a fury bathrob.Not to mention the barefeet and her make up made her resemble the Ozzy Osbourn in the good old days of the Black Sabbath.

The guards checked all the gardens.Mine for last being the house in the corner and with the biggest and not overlooked garden.In simpler words,it was the most possible shelter for the thief.They came in,the dogs are not happy at first.The giant dog barks and growls and one of the uniform made a stupid joke about having to shoot him if he doesn’t calm down.I very seriously replay that I will have to shoot him, then! K,calmed down and nobody had to shoot nobody.They checked the garden,the shed, the side ,everywhere.The place is clear.They leave and say to not worry. The robber is probably already miles away.

What a night.Im exhausted.I go back to bed and I remember the traveling husband.I check the phone and he never rang or texted.It is nearly three in the morning now,I suppose he will be home soon.I am annoyed that he hasn’t rang considering the situation and I send him a sharp text explaining the guards came,searched the house and left.Everything is ok.No answer,I am too tired and collapse under the cover.

Strange noises coming from downstair.I look at the watch and it is 5.45am.I look at the other side of the bed and the traveling husband is not in there.The strange noise is him coming home.I am furious! First of all,I am furious because it is very late,or early ,it depends witch way you look at it.Second of all,I am furious because I could have been scared and in danger and he was too busy having fun to text or to ring:”Why,what happened?are you ok?”,he asked coming down from planet Mars.”I sent you a text”,I replay.”I must have not seen it”,he says.”You answered me”,I say, not sure if I want to laugh or hit.I showed him the text:”Oh,but you didn’t seem worried or upset at all”. Now,only a genuine person can choose a such crap defensive line. I don’t hit. I laugh.We both have a laugh and go to sleep…..eventually.

P.S. If some of you is wondering where the girls were during all the mayhem….well…they slept through the whole thing!

Let It Snow ..Let It Snow…Let It Snow……

The worrying italian family business that is lately keeping my nervous system perpetually on the edge, is eventually seeing its end. I had a good night sleep.No bad dreams; no waking up in the middle of the night with migraine.I slept and I woke up this morning soul light,energetic and happy.I don’t exclude that the good mood is also related to the fact that is friday.I love fridays and this is going to be a good friday!A good friday indeed:I look out the window to discover it is winter wonderland out there.Not that we are buried under snow but it snowed enough to cover the garden,the road and the cars.How lovely having my breakfast overlooking my white garden.I can’t wait to wake up the girls .The forecast have been wrongly calling snow for weeks and now it is here.It is been years they don’t see proper snow.

I waved the travelling husband off.Fortunately today he doesn’t travel anywhere but to the local office. Suddenly the smile on my face starts to fade off.I clearly feel the corner of my mouth turning from up to down:”What if the school is closed because of the snow!!!”.I immediately switch on my mobile to check for a text or an email from the school.It is one of those moment when whatever higher entity is upon us is invoked:”please please please let the school not be closed”.”It is friday,I have lots of things to do that I really really really want to do on my own.Please please please is my last free morning of the week”.With joy and relief I see no emails or texts.The girls are super excited.Totally mesmerized by the white landscape.A doesn’t even pay attention to the Elf threatening hanging from her bedroom’s chandelier.He is a naughty boy.Now,a disappointed naughty boy considering all the effort to go up there….without much noise!

The atmosphere is festive in the house this morning. No better time for dressing up the car with the reindeer accessories.While the girls are getting dressed I go out to defrost the car and put on the red nose and the antlers.My fingers are frozen but the job had to be done.Reindeer antlers and nose on the car is a tradition for years now.Best purchase I ever did on E-bay.The car is small and fire red(waht else!) so it is a perfect fit.

The five of us are ready to go.Miraculously on time.I have been very adamant that this morning we would be,if not early,at least on time. I didn’t know the conditions of the road and probably I wouldn’t have been able to drive at the usual speed.Last touch before we hit the road:the christmas compilation.Wham,BandAid ,John Lennon ……..We are all singing.I am also watching the road trying to avoid the most icy patches. Half way the music stop:”not again!”.The bluetooth is playing tricks lately and I hate driving with no music.I switch the radio off and back on while unplugging and plugging back on my phone at the same time.Of course the whole operation was accompanied by a good dose of swearing.The car is my swearing place.It is where my aggressivity is let out.On my defence I must say that when i swear in the car and the girls are with me I do it in italian:at least if they repeat what they hear nobody will understand.

Back to the radio situation,some swear ad an energetic push on the on/off button and ….voila’:Maria Carry is singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.The Fonzie remedy always work weather it s a jukebox or a car radio. We made it to school still in good mood and earlier then usual.It really has to snow for us to be early!

The beach is deserted,the cold wind must have discourage most of the dogs’ owner to come or made them decide to go later in the morning.I can’t blame them.It is absolutely freezing.I am wearing gloves but my fingers are ice cubes.We did most of the beach loop and the sun has now made its way through the clouds.It is up,clear and shiny.You can feel it is starting to warm the air.Unlikely the last few mornings the tide is low.The wind from the sea must have kept the snow away.No winter wonderland here.Only few flakes managed to stick on the sand making appear the beach has been covered by a brown gold rug with white spots.
Our walk on the beach is over.Time to go back to the countryside winter wonderland.

Following Grandmother Moon

The village not only has the toy replica of the little shop of horrors but it also provides its inhabitants the service of a nice little book shop.Coming from a family of voracious readers;being a voracious reader myself and being married to a voracious reader,books take a big slice of my monthly budget.Even more,now that also the girls became quite keen on reading.My pick is usually the big book shop in the next town. Much more choice and tempting deals.Today, I am anyway in the village “little bookshop”.Well it is actually not so little as it expands quite a lot at the back and on a second floor.Unfortunately the variety of books is not that great but, the second hand session is unbeatable.Today,I am not here for books .I am here because I am just being told that the 2018 Moon Mna diary is out.
Wondering what it is?Lets do a step back.

It all started on a rainy morning last December when I went to my friend SJ’s house.In between a cup of coffee and a bite of fruit scone carefully buttered and covered in delicious strawberry jam, she mentioned this seminar she went.She just throw it in the conversation very casually,not sure about my reaction.As for her own later admission.It was a seminar or,to be more precise a workshop,about the celtic link between women and moon’s cycle.At the end of the workshop the participants were given a diary:”The Moon Mna Diary”.

I was curious and fascinated.Being a humanist and having studied psychology and history of religions,the connection between the women and the moon was no news to me.Neither were the celtic traditions they were referring to.(Never wonder why only women are addressed as lunatic?!)I told my friend straight away she should have asked me to go with her and that I wouldn’t have missed it the next year.The poor woman was tormented by my questions about The Women’s Celtic Moon Circle for the rest of the morning.It turned out that one of the two writers and editors of the diary is one of her friend.A local woman that, I happened to know too.The year we moved in the village we share the deli stend together at the annual summer fete.When they say “it is a small world”,they really mean it don’t they?

Christmas time came and I got busy.A lot happened and I forgot about the Moon Mna Circle of Women and the diary.I forgot until I started to meet this very same author of the diary every morning on the beach with her dog.I was not even sure she would even recognise me as a couple of years passed from that fair we did together.SJ played the bridge role between the two of us and so I got to speak to her and befriend her.Few beach cheap chats later I found the courage to ask her about the women celtic moon circle and the diary.May be she still had a copy.She did actually.Of course the year already started and I missed few months but I didn’t really care.I got my Moon Mna Diary.

At the time I was emotionally in a very strange place and my body was reacting as it could.I am sorry to say that at the beginning I got that diary for the wrong reasons. I was expecting it to give me answers and an easy fix.Like a magic formula to find peace with myself and everything and everyone surrounding me.Of course this was not gona happen. What happened instead,it was that as more as I was going through the diary and working on it and as more at peace I was.I started to look for a pattern between my behaviour and the moon phases. Sometimes I found it and some others I didn’t .What I did find,always, it was harmony.The little daily time spent reading and writing my Moon Mna diary started to positively influence my daily life.It became a enjoyable time for my soul and my heart.I reconnected with the origins and never forget again to love myself and my life.

Every month has a theme and tips to nourish your body soul and heart.Every day is marked by the moon phase and you are asked to reflect about how it affects you.Day after day,words after words you will find yourself fully immersed in the cycle of mother nature and grandmother moon.Cycles that are perfect unless we upset them.Every day there is a little space reserved to your soul moment .That moment in the day when your heart has been particularly happy and content.When your soul was light and shining because you have been able to see the insight.Every day you are asked to write one thing you are grateful for.It sounds simple and populistic but, believe me,try to do it and you will realise it is not.You will soon realise you have much more to be grateful and happy for then you ever thought.

The Moon Mna diary is not a magic recipe for happiness and stress free life.It won’t turn your life upside down.You won’t be suddenly enlightened.The Moon Mna diary is a break from that busy and stressing life we all live.It is a way to look at things and at ourselves differently.It gives awareness of the importance of being a woman.It is a daily reminder of the natural power we are born with.It teaches us to give ourselves the value we deserve and to love every bit of us.It Inspires to live happily and peacefully;to be grateful and ,as consequence,to live in harmony with everything that is around us. Inevitably,at the end of this journey,the world is an happier place.We are stronger in the full awareness of our feminine uniqueness.
The Moon Mna diary and The Celtic Women Moon Circle won’t miraculously transform your life but will give you the right instruments to look at yourself and your life differently:in happier ,aware and harmonic way.

Did I mention that,totally by chance,I live 20minutes away from a 5000 years old Stone Age passage tomb famous for the winter solstice that lights up the passage and the chamber?Coincidence or destiny?I say whatever we want to see!

Strange Things Happen and The Elf On The Shelf.

December the 2nd,6pm.I sit down sipping a glass of red wine accompanied by an olive pate’ crostini and I enjoy the result of an entire day of hard work:my Christmas decorations.

The lights are up and switched on inside and outside the house.All the ornaments are out of the boxes and carefully positioned on their usual spots.The mantelpiece and the staircase are adorned and the Christmas tree is merrily standing in the sitting room reminding my family of its past present and future.It is colorful and every ornaments and every bubble represent a memory or a place we went.Cinnamon,orange and ginger candles are scattered around the house.Tonight I will cook dinner with my Christmas fifties style apron on.Christmas is starting to be all around….me.I am feet up in front of the cracking fire.My mind is free and I am trying to relax but I cannot stop thinking about the strange thing that happened last night.

This year I succumbed to the request of buying an”Elf on the shelf”.I have been seeing these little creature around for years. A always found them creepy and that is why no representative of such category ever stepped foot in our house.CG has instead always been more keen on them.She has always been fascinated by the fact that they change place every night.The village little toy shop sells them.They are a kind soft stuffed toys.They are not scary looking with a creepy plastic face and a vicious smile.Their smile is actually quite sweet.A agreed to have one in the house but,just to stay on the safe side,she asked permission to properly close her bedroom’s door at night.Permission granted.Full of expectations we happily drove home with our elf.After all,In a house full of fairies,an elf couldn’t be missed for much longer.From mama fairy point of view it is actually a gain as the “Elf on the shelf”appears on the first of December and stays only for the Christmas holidays.Where he goes after that,nobody knows.He doesn’t involve any writing and he is just happy to be moved every night from place to place around the house.

First night of the elf in the house.Being totally honest I’m nervous.I know nothing about elves.Fairies are mine expertise.This is a complete new thing to me and I am an absolute beginner.The girls are fast asleep and I am ready to go to bed too but,first,lets move the elf.After taking him out his sack he was left on the kitchen counter.By the time I am in bed the he is hanging on the girls’ bathroom door.Pretty smart place .He won’t scare them and they will see him first thing in the morning.

It is the next morning and I am making breakfast .A came to ask me if I saw the elf.I didn’t,I say,but I was just wondering where he was as he is not on the kitchen counter anymore.She says he is in the bathroom and stole CG necklace.I don’t really pay attention at everything she is telling me because I already know where the elf is,right?! I completely missed the little details about the necklace and him being inside the bathroom rather then on the door’s handle where I put him.Then CG came down all excited about the fact the elf moved:He is hanging from the shower and he got her necklace.I didn’t put the necklace on him and I didn’t hang him on the shower either.The traveling husband must have done it.Except,he didn’t!No way CG did it and I can’t ask A if she did it because,otherwise,I will have to admit I moved him in first place.Beside,she seemed quite genuine in her surprised reaction.

We might have a real elf in the house!Of course such things don’t exist but, tonight,I will properly close my bedroom door too……… !

Advent Calendars, Apple Spice Tea and Old Movies.

Since it seems impossible to find a nice old style advent calendar any more,it has been few years that I make it myself for the girls.I like old style advent calendars.The ones with some nice vintage image of Santa Klaus or a colourful Christmas tree.I don’t like those modern calendars with the cartoon characters.I don’t want my daughters counting the day up to Christmas Eve(no matter if from a religious or a pagan point of view) through minions wearing jumpers with reindeers printed on them.In the same way I don’t want my daughters to get their daily chocolate from the helmet of Dart Vader or from the bag pack of a Ninja Turtle dressed up like a reptile version of Santa.Spider man dispensing candies from his webs doesn’t encounter my taste either.Nor do Elsa and Anna.They are sweet girls but not good enough for my advent calendar.

When I say that I make it myself I don’t mean that I designe it and sew it with my own hands. I only fill it in myself.I bought a big reusable woolen advent calendar with a pocket for each day to be filled.This year I decided to break the pattern of candies and chocolates with a little present every week.By “little”,I really mean “little”.Little non edible bits and bobs:a Santa shape rubber,a miniature bounce ball,a stripe of tattoos and,the most special,a christmas tree to be decorated,colored and add to the fairy doors.This will probably be the surprise of the first week.I can only assume that fairies share our same rules about christmas decorations.They must be up with the first of December or,at very latest,the first week end of December.

Today is the thirtieth of november. The calendar must be ready and hanging outside the girls’ bedrooms by tonight.Tomorrow morning they can check the first pocket.
I need to fill it in this morning.A and CG must not be around when doing it.
I am up since 530. I got up with the travelling husband who went to Milan.By the time he left it was six o’clock.I didn’t bother to go back to bed as I would have usually done. I do my yoga routine instead.
After dropping the girls in school and walking the dogs ,I come back home to do some houseworks and the rest that I planned for my morning.Everything not before having my mid morning coffee,of course.I am a such creature of habit that if I would ever have a stalker he/she would have a such easy life that would be the first stalker to stop stalking out of boredom.
It is too cold to drink my coffee outside this morning.I tried but then I decide to finish it inside.
I switch on the tv to have some company while drinking my black elixir of daily energy and pleasure.It is one of those morning I need some soundtrack.I am zapping when my eyes stop on”midnight laces”.
Now my soul is tormented:shell I just ignore whatever I have to do,sit down and watch it? Dilemma,dilemma.Temptation, temptation.At the end I decide to be responsible.I get my priorities straight:the floor needs to be hoovered and mopped and my hair needs to be washed.Most important, the advent calendar needs to be filled. I can’t afford to watch a movie in the middle of the morning.I have too many things to do.To be honest, I would also feel guilty and a kind of lazy cow.The problem is that the movie is echoing in my head and I am dying to watch it now.I check the tv guide and see it is starting in an hour in an other channel.Easy peasy:I will record it.

Tonight the travelling husband is not home and I can have the sofa and the television all for myself.He doesn’t like old movies.He wouldn’t even know who Doris Day or James Stewart are.Tonight is my chance to go back in time and enjoy some good old fashion cinema.
The girls are in bed earlier then usual reading their novels.An unexpected gift indeed.After kissing them goodnight I change into my pj and put the kettle on.I lit some candles and I curled up on the sofa.A tartan scottish blanket on my legs and a mug of hot apple spice tea in my hands

I am ready to let my heart palpitate for poor hunted and terrified Kit.I am ready to express all my gratitude to inspector Byrnes and all my dislike to greedy vicious Tony.I am ready to take a breath of relieve and hope seeing the misjudged Brian consoling sweet Kit:there might be some love and romance still to come.

Black Monday

We woke up slightly earlier then usual this morning.The traveling husband has a plane to catch.The lazy sedentary days are over and he is back on the road.To be more precise,He is back on the air.I am going to have a pretty busy morning too :school drop,dogs’ walk,car’s service,clean the house top to bottom and a quick trip to the shopping center for a couple of errands.I know you are probably jumping on your chairs for the excitement in front of my morning.Please,just curb your enthusiasm but,don’t relax either:my Monday will in fact soon turn from a busy Monday to a black Monday.

The beach is like a picture this morning .Low tied,dogs running and playing splashing themselves in the sea.The sky is striped by the thin clouds that let the sun coming out in golden rays and mitigate the low temperatures.I walk the dogs and quickly drop them in the garden on my way to bring the car for the service.The mechanic is literally five minutes walking from my home.I leave the car and walk back home where I find two very offended and outraged dogs for being left in the garden for so long on their own.I brushed them and let them in.

I put on the coffee and drink it in the garden.This is my mid morning ritual.No matter the weather but my mid morning coffee must be drunk sitting on my vintage bench in the back garden.Before you start thinking I am an insane woman,I must also say that the bench is sheltered and positioned in a spot of the garden where It traps the sun most of the day.I sit and drink my coffee caressed by the winter sun.It is my little day dream time;my little treat.Before starting my daily dance around the house with my friend the Hoover,I check my mobile.I heard a text coming in.Now is exactly when my Monday becomes a black Monday.

The text is from the telephone company.Yes,the one I am fighting with for months.It says they ceased all the services.I read the text a second time only to confirm I understood right.I realized that by “ceased”they mean I am now with no land line and no internet connection.Not what we agreed.What we actually agreed,was the cancellation of the contract from today and the services running until the 30Th of November,when the new provider will have taken over completely.

If I was a cartoon character I would have steam coming out my nostrils and my face would be turning from red to green to blue and red again.I think it is actually red.I can feel the anger raising from inside .I am hot and the heat is going up to my ears.I don’t know why but when I am angry my ears are hot and probably red too.Just I can’t see them.Despite the fury the are possessing me I decide to do nothing for the moment. I am well aware that if I ring them now I will be on the phone forever. I have too much to do ,I will deal with it later.Believe me when I say it is not easy.Not easy at all considering that,in the meanwhile, an other text arrived with a payment request for an amount that is no close to my monthly bill or the cancellation fee.Unnecessary to say that even the due date of the payment is all but familiar.

Positive side of all this is that I am so furious that I do my housework’s in no time.And that was no easy task considering the whole week end of neglect the house endured.I am energetic,quick and efficient.I am like the brunette version of the “Bionic Woman”.I am sure I could have lift the couch with my finger if only I wanted to.The house is pristine.I have a quick shower.I get dressed.I grab the bag with the few things I have to change at the shops and on my way to the car I ring the complaint department of the broadband provider.The car has the Bluetooth so it will be very safe to talk and drive.

I will spare you the details of the phone call.Probably most of you have been at least once in their life in a similar situation.Arguing with a call center operator is the most sterile thing in the world.They are like careless robot repeating by heart what they have been instructed to say.I vomit every bad feeling I have and I don’t even feel guilty for the poor girl on the other side of the line as I usually do.I am pissed, excuse my French, but satisfied by the way I exposed my case.Calm but harsh,in a perfect English.Never underestimate an Italian woman feeling violated on her rights.Never mind the language she unleash her fury in:her tongue has no mercy.

I am arrived at the shopping center.Parked and ready to go.Still very much annoyed but at least I let some steam out. I don’t have much time before going back to collect the girls from school.I go straight to return a too small jumper and then I go to the shop where I was just the day before.I went to buy a present and left with a pretty orange velvet skirt for myself.Only when I got home I realized they haven’t removed the anti theft tag.Today I am back to have it removed.The plan was to give the shop assistant the “I am a very dissatisfied customer” look . I didn’t in the end.I have no nasty words or frowns left and ,lets face it,an anti theft tag forgotten on a very busy Sunday is really nothing compare to that unfair treatment I received from the telephone and internet company.The girl in the shop is mortified and apologize.I smile back and reassure her that these things happen.

Every action brings a reaction.I always thought so. If you are nice and gentle people respond in the same way.I still believe in this but, may be,I leave out the people from my former internet provider😉

P.S. I feel ,at this stage,obliged to make a special note for all those call center operators that ,instead,do a great job supporting and helping their customer.Keep up the good work😀