For me, this is my space to be me.
Only and just me.

It is the space where I can store my collections of feelings and happenings .
It is the space where I can materialise my emotions,(even the smallest one,the most irrelevant), and giving them shape and to share them and prove I am not alone on seeing things the way I do :I am not the only magnet for oddness!

It is my space where to fill full my compulsive need to write.

For you , I hope it will become a space where realise that in every day life ,”the ordinary “can always become “extraordinary” if you look at it with the right attitude.

I hope it will become your space to realise you are not the only magnet for oddness either .
Your space to realise every feeling and every emotions you experience worth it;every happening makes you richer.

May be your space to get some very modest advice too.

My hope is for this space to be soon filled with discussions and comments and exchanging of opinions and experiences about our truly madly ordinary lives where no day is uneventful.