Strange Things Happen

After the disappointment of discovering that I couldn’t open a facebook business page without a private account, I had to go back full speed on the platform.
My memory of FB was families and friends sharing pics of their holidays and their exciting and luxurious life, that could not be more different from reality. That aspect is still there, but so much had changed, and with my greatest shock I discovered that the trend of the current days is using the platform as a dating site.
In the beginning, I thought it was me being a bit paranoid, but then it turned out I am not the only one.

Shamefully but truthfully, I found my return to FB incredibly complicated and so I had to ask a friend to help me out.She gave me plenty of tips and hints but also confirmed my impression that there are an awful amount of men using FB as a fishing pond.
In the beginning, I couldn’t understand why with all the young chicks around the web, they wanted to befriend a middle age woman. My friend, wisely explained to me that apparently is “the older, the better”! And not because “the old chicken makes the best soup”, as they say in Italy, but merely because there are a lot of not any more young women, desperate for company, and very easy to get trapped in the net.
I find it sad, upsetting and infuriating, not to mention time wasting, as now I have all this list of dodgy men friends requests to remove nearly every day.
Let’s hope they will gradually lose interest and stop.

Another thing that I forgot about Facebook was the time you end up to spend on it. Without even realising it, it will suck you in. Time and space have no limits on FB, and so the other morning I found myself be twenty minutes late to collect the girls from school. How did it happen? I innocently lost track of time browsing around and deleting fake profile friends requests. As simple as that.
Lesson learned, now I check my account only when I am home and with no imminent engagements, that it is basically evening time. It sounds smart and harmless but, unfortunately, it is not either.The other night, the husband was as usually travelling, the girls were in bed, and I started to catch up with blog posts. Then, right before going to bed, I had the unhealthy idea to have a look at Fb. “Just five minutes”, I said to myself. Twenty minutes later I was still there selecting friends requests until the dogs, that in the meanwhile I had let out for their evening weewee, started to howl at the kitchen door in the desperate attempt to make aware of the fact that they were done and wanted to come back in.That was it for the night — enough of that stuff.

Off we go,(me and the dogs ),to bed.
I picked up my book and read a few pages before collapsing: glasses still on, book in hands and a pile of three pillows behind my head that will remind me their presence for the rest of following day thanks to a sore neck.
Around probably midnight, the phone rang and I answered to find on the other line a deep scary male voice calling my name. I jumped up on a sitting position with drops of sweat on my forehead and a terrible feeling of fear and unsafety running throw my entire body. I turned on the light, and then it was when I realised it was all a dream, well more of a nightmare. Definitely, all that facebook thing before going to bed it was not a good idea, and so after cursing the network I scattered the pile of pillows on the floor and went back to sleep. My rest didn’t last long as Kurt started to growl and get agitated. -He must have heard some noise outside, not unusual, most likely my neighbor,or considering the rain and the wind that had never stopped since the early hours of the afternoon, he must have heard the back gate banging-, I thought trying to calm him down. He is not giving up, and in between a bark and a growl, I hear what it sounded like a knock on the door.
I stayed still for a few seconds, trying to hear correctly. The night was noisily windy and rainy: may be I only thought it was a knock on the door. The second knock was loud and clear.It was not the rain or the wind and I was not dreaming either. Kurt and Clara were already downstairs barking like they wanted to eat alive whoever was out there. Well, to be precise, big ears german was already downstairs. Clara was barking big time, but still upstairs trying to figure out the way to get down. The unfortunate little pet: in the dark her vision gets even worst. Eventually, after she had tried every possible direction and banged multiple times on the different walls and doors, she followed me. I, in fact, had got up and threw myself down the stairs.

When I get down, Kurt is at the living room’s window barking. I go pipping from the sitting room and see a little van half parked on my path. I am not sure what to do now! Another knock on the door and Kurt is right below the alarm sensor in the hall barking and growling and howling and making the alarm go off.
I ran to the entrance to stop it but I have to switch the light and so now whoever is outside my house knows I am in and I know they are there. I can’t pretend I am not home or I haven’t heard them.
It is passed midnight of a dark and stormy night and there is a stranger knocking at my door.I certainly don’t want to open, but by now it is quite clear that if I don’t do something, he will keep knocking and the dogs will keep barking, and the girls will eventually wake up. How they stayed asleep in that mayhem, don’t ask me, it is still a mystery! Only thing I can say, is that I swear the only thing I put in their bedtime hot milk is honey! What kind of nectar those bees pollinate, better not to enquire!
I go back to the sitting room and open the window, and the stranger comes toward me holding a package: “here it is your pizza mam”.
It was a fecking delivery guy who got the wrong address. The poor guy! As much as I was upset, I bet he was more upset than me. I suppose me cursing Facebook for giving me nightmares was nothing compare to him cursing whoever gave him wrong direction in the most wet and windy of the nights.


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  1. FB is a dating site and a fishing pond???
    I must be incredibly niaive ~ or is it just because I’m a guy that I was completely oblivious to this dark side of blogging?
    Well, intelligent and attractive women are welcome to try to date me any time they like.
    Thank you for sharing ❤❤❤

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  2. Lol!! 😆😆😆😆😆
    Oh this is the best you’ve ever written!! 😂😂😂😂
    Oh my!

    That’s hillarious!!
    Thank God I haven’t got many friends on FB and no one sends me friend requests.

    Poor guy! What did he do?

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    • I only use it to promote to be honest.i don’t like the drama and I don’t care about what people do to be honest.I much prefer IG, if you follow the right account is a joy for the eyes,such beautiful pics💗

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  3. You are brave. I never answer my door after 8 pm no matter who…I do have a monitor that shows who is at the door though. My kids have a key and anyone else is not important. I also have a rule for myself, no FB after 8….way too much drama on it anyway. All my beauty business is done during the day…and as for those friend requests….who are these people? lol

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  4. Obviously all the Fb activity doesn’t make you hungry, at time of night I would’ve grabbed the pizza, no questions asked !!!. Yes FB is a problem piece of social media…. I’ve basically stopped using FB. I do use Messenger to keep in contact family and friends. And I use FB as another outlet for my poetry.

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    • Lol, the voice was so was years I didn’t woke up with a such fright and then the knock on the door,humor apart, really got me on the edge.
      Now I’m thinking ,may be I should have kept pizza after all that trouble😜

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  5. When I get friend requests from people I don’t know on Fb I just delete the request. I don’t think twice of it. Loved your story! SOOOOO glad it was just an innocent pizza guy and not some whacko! 😀 Fb is very addictive! I have lost hours of my life…. I’ve stopped using it so much though. It’s peaceful without it. Lol.

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  6. Have you heard about women on WordPress complaining about the same “men hitting on women”? I am not a woman and I’d love to see any of your future posts describe the part of you how it feels when a man is trying to hit on you and over the years how have you handled it? Btw you made me smile twice in this post. Usually its only once. 🙂

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  7. Pizza would be a happy ending to a FB frustration😊 I know what you mean about FB. Happens to me on instagram as well. That’s why I only accept people I know. I know, when talking about business we have to deal with the strangers too. But, I hate it when they think the courtesy of responding to their follow request is a green light for “let’s hook up”. It’s very sad actually. But, we learn to live with it. Btw, what’s your social media? Would love to connect!

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  8. Goodness, what a night! That pizza would have been tempting though 😁
    I just deactivated my FB account yesterday… I think there are too many ethical issues, but I sympathise that it seems to be a necessary evil for some things. 😳
    I admit it feels good to be off there. I used to wonder about the friend requests I would get too, but I only accepted ones I knew.
    Good luck with it all! And no more nightmares!! 🤞

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  9. Hi. I really enjoyed this post. I was caught in the drama and atmosphere. I was thrilled with anticipation about the person knocking. You had me gripped. But then; you do write thrillers.
    I’m very happy it was only the pizza man and that you’ve got two dogs.

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  10. Never been on FB and never will. IG is ok so far but I keep getting ‘followed’ by young ladies who seem to travel the world in their swimwear. I am not naive enough to imagine they have any real interest – I know it is just a ‘follow/unfollow’ scam to build their own follower numbers and it annoys me.

    Love your writing as always my friend.


  11. I didn’t know that Facebook had become a dating and fishing site.

    This is definite news to me.

    Interesting that I should happen to read this post today when the Facebook site is down.

    Well, I guess you won’t be doing much work on your FB business page today or getting any friend requests from bald-headed men who use old photos of Cary Grant as their profile pic.

    Oh well, you can always order a pizza to be delivered to your place. 😂

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  12. Great post! Yes, there certainly are some dark sides to social media. I’ve even been approached by prostitutes on FB, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and such things as the Russian Bride sites. And it always amazes me when people share way too much information or seem to be overly attention seeking. It’s a crazy world. And then there is all the hate messages too. Thankfully we can screen and block, and I, like you, learned to budget time spent on such things. I’d much rather enjoy a 6 mile hike, like I did today 🙂

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  13. Hi Ortensia, I’m Rakkelle…Please to make your acquaintance, I learnt of your Blog through Debbie (Aunt Deb).

    If I may make a suggestion – Maybe change your Facebook settings to permit only friends of friends to send you friend requests, that should eliminate most of the creepy guys. I have had my Facebook settings like that for some time now and it does help. 🙂

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    • Very nice to meet you too Rakkelle.
      I had my settings opened as I tried to launch my author page but by now I got a few followers and I am going to take up your advice for sure.Thanks for the tip,really appreciate it🤓
      Really like your blog,just wish I had more time for blogging(reading an writing recently)💁🏻‍♀️


      • You’re preaching to the choir here about the lack of time. Sheesh! Don’t I know it. My more recent posts were over 2 weeks apart – 16 days to be exact – despite me desperately trying to be a weekly blogger. Sometimes I just can’t find the time, I want to, I really want to but there are so many other pressing things that needs to be taken care of.

        Thanks so much for checking out my Blog and deciding to follow me. I’m glad you like what you’ve read so far. I’m always psyched to get a new follower – I mean a real follower, one who actually reads my stuff. 😂

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