Grab It Today , It Can Be Gone Tomorrow

The good thing about shopping in TK Max (TJ Max I suppose it is for the Americans), is that not only you can get unbeatable deals, but you also get inspired with wonderful slogan. Anyway, despite the title of the post, I am not going to bring you shopping. I am, instead, simply and shamelessly advising you all, that Fields Of Lies will be available for free on kindle this weekend end.

Thank you for your support and patience you wonderful WP people💗and I promise Ortensia will be back with a proper no book related post very very very soon.😀

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  1. Anything you write is a joy to read, no matter the subject! 💜

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  2. I’m on chapter 4 and so far I like it. I think I recognize some garden scenes and the dogs from the blogs.

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  3. I interviewed with TJ Max once and just when I thought I might have a chance a different woman who was mean blackballed me. Interesting.

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  4. I am on Chapter 6 and enjoying! Love TJ Max…best deals!

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