Picture challenge

I loved this tale😍

Writing Romance


Elephant grey and cotton wool clouds of coal smoke, puffed from the steam train. Behind were silhouettes of faded mountains and the memories of the man she’d left behind.
Lines of tall bottle green trees swept past her eyes and the smell of fresh pine sap filled her nostrils.
Marina stared and blinked through the dusty glass, as she sat on the thread bare leather seat.
She craned her neck to see as far back as she could, hoping her lover might be running after her, in a desperate attempt to stop her from leaving. But that looked impossible, the tracks were long and lonely and the large metal wheels turned faster gaining momentum with shunting sounds, which deafened her ears. Her fingers trailed down the window making lines of dusty regrets.
Tears soaked her porcelain skin, as a breeze blew the smell of coal and black dust, to cover…

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