Sunshine Blogger Award

First of all I would like to thank for my nomination and please check his website as in my opinion whoever likes traveling and nice things should browse around it.

Here are my answers:

What makes you happy?

To see happiness and peace around me.

What makes you sad?

The lack of appreciation for life,what we have,who we are… makes me angry too,actually.

What is your favorite book and why?

I have many books I love but if I have to mention one instinctively it would be “Madame Bovary”…..a pillar of my emotional education.

Where would you like to travel and the reason?

An other questions who would require multiple answers but again first country it pops into my head is Japan ,as I am fascinated by the Japanese culture and the way the fuse old tradition and extreme modern life. My soul would benefit from a tour to the Grand Canyon too.

Favorite Entartaiment?

Reading because it brings me everywhere and I can be as many caracthers as I want.

Why are you blogging?

I started to blog to go back writing and to test if I could do it in a language is not my own….now I blog because I like it and I like the lovely WP community.

How you consider your experience as a blogger?

Hard to say,I’m only a part time no profit blogger but one thing is sure, it gave me, and keep doing it,the chance to test myself,to trust and to know the web,to “meet” so many interesting people and ,why not,to nourish my ego….let’s face it we all like to see all those likes on our posts.

What is your main whim?


One thing that you have learned and you believe you should improve

We can’t control other people’s behave ,we can only control how we react to it and so we shouldn’t let them upset us……more than halfway through it.

What would you say to yourself in an other life?

Just to not waste time worrying about what people thinks about you

If you could eradicate evil,what and why?

Intolerance,prejudices,extremisms of any sort(political,religious,moral,social…..)

Have a great day everybody…..and let the sun inside shine☀️😀🤩

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56 replies

  1. Many congratulations! Super answers :O) x

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  2. I really like what you wrote about not being able to control people’s behavior, only the way we respond to it. Well said.

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  3. I enjoyed all your answer Ortensia

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  4. Fantastic, congratulations and well earned. 🌷🌹❤🙂👍🍾🎂

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  5. Congratulations! Fantastic answers!! 😊💗

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  6. Smart answers girl 👌like it 🙂 and about likes and posts. Yesterday i forgot that the scheduled post had no text in it #badmemory girl you know lol 😂 but I got anyway 26 likes 🙂 and only 1 asked what’s going on 😉😏

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  7. Loved reading this. You answers to the first two questions are mine exactly.

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  8. Great answers and congratulation ortensia😊

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  9. Oh Yayyy. Congratulations, Sabine. You absolutely deserve it.
    And I loved your answers too, especially the last one.
    On a side note, Japan is one of the top countries on my bucket list too (right after Spain) so let’s go together? 😂😂

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  10. Very interesting answers. Would expect nothing less.

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  11. Congratulations on an award well deserved!

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  12. Congratulations! Wonderful answers!❤

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  13. Super congratulations my friend. 🙂 Love your answers. 🙂

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  14. look at you! Yay! could not happen to a sweeter person-nor funnier!

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  15. Ortensia, a big Congratulations!

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  16. Superb answers. A master with words. You are one of the most inspiring people I know.

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  17. So wonderful to meet you via Brian’s blog. It’s a relief to meet so gracious a person online. There are so many crabby ones. 🙂

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