A Truly Madly Ordinary Hot Weekend

Since Thursday evening the weather started gradually to pick up until, on Saturday,it eventually exploded in a spell of summer.Nothing more perfect for the dinner party we were hosting.A shining clear sun up till late,nice wine,nice food,good company, plenty of cracking laughs and,all this, to be enjoyed outside in the garden on an evening of early May.Absolutely incredible,to a point that every once in a while I had to go inside to pinch myself and be sure it was real.To be sure it was not just me imagining the whole thing after being brainwashed by the medias that,for the entire past week, have been tauntingly warning the country about the heatwave that was going to hit us for the BH weekend.
Sunday morning when I opened the blinds I knew already it was not raining because the gutters were not making the usual “tic tic” noise that drives me insane but,what I didn’t know and didn’t expect,it was that an other weather wise glorious day was all in front of me.I usually don’t trust forecast to the core.

In the afternoon I have just changed in my swimming suit and I was ready to relax and enjoy my book in the garden when I saw daughter number one wondering around,going in a circle like the dogs do when they want their dinner.She started to come closer and closer to me.I knew that it could not be anything good but I tough I would have received a request of playing cards or some other board games not to go playing tennis.I started to sweat only at the idea!This is insane.Hot days like these are lazy days not sports days!Searching for a way to escape in my own personal”being a mother essential survival guide”,I lied and pretended to still be sore from all the painting I did during the week.Unfortunately,I am a softy and I felt a bit bad about it so, considering that school is off for the whole next week and the traveling husband will be gone Thursday to Sunday, I suggested her to ask him to go.In fairness,he will have all next week end to rest his ears and limbs in a five stars hotel.

Because father and daughter share the same mozzarella color skin that can go from milk white to poppy red and back to white, I diligently made sure they were well spread in sun cream.In the meanwhile,daughter number two that has just resurrected from her bedroom,decided to go play tennis as well.I gave her some sun cream too, more because my hands were still greasy then because she really needs it.She,in fact, has been blessed with a quite exotic sallow skin whose origins are still unknown.They are all ready to go:They have sun cream ,they have water and they are going to have great father daughters time.A mantra I tell myself to ease my conscience for not wanting to spend precious time with my family.A good mantra that actually works and it works so well that I relax so much that I fell asleep while reading.

I am not sure for how long I slept before a sudden feeling of something frying wakes me up:It was me frying!Carried away by the excitement for the weather and being able to stay on my own I totally forgot to use some sun cream on myself. May be it is my punishment for being a greedy woman ,a selfish mother and a lousy wife but, I am now a walking sample of body art with strawberry color patches and stripes randomly scattered on my arms and legs.

Today is the last day of this long BH weekend and,according with the forecast,also the last day of this abnormal early May heatwave. Fair enough I would say,three full days of roasting weather in a row is already too much.We are in Ireland :lets not be greedy because,now,we all know what can happen when we are.


93 thoughts on “A Truly Madly Ordinary Hot Weekend

    1. You have been fantastic at the marathons as it has been Fionnula and the guys to be there with u and report back.now we are waiting for ur side of the story🎉
      Coming by to Belfast today for a couple of days and it is not snowing is it?😂

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      1. On the train now supposed to arrive in 15 minutes😀visiting the city and shopping today and the w5 museum tomorrow.any suggestions?its me and the girls with a friend and her girls😎looking forward to read the post tonight 🎉😀

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  1. Poor you! Sunburn really isn’t nice and I think you’re too harsh with yourself and also deserve some good quality time with only yourself. And I admire your daughters´energy – I´m more like you when it´s getting warmer and simply take up a book and relax. 😉 ❤

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  2. “I am now a walking sample of body art with strawberry color patches and stripes randomly scattered on my arms and legs.” HA HA HA… I’m sorry I should not laugh but your writing style is so hilarious… I’m so lucky having found your blog 🙂 Enjoy things in shades for now.

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  3. Absolutely wonderful! Even in all of your events I sense calmness. We in are just starting our summer long heat wave. It’s not yet hit 💯 yet but it won’t be long. I’m sorry I’m late to reading dear friend life is crazy. I have a graduating senior and finals for myself. I do so enjoy your writing!!❤️💜😊

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    1. Thank you Stella and please never apologize to me.I ve been bad with reading posts lately too and without being the busy bee that you are at the moment.Good luck with everything my dear❤️❤️❤️

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  4. I love these glimpses into your daily life! There is no penance in taking some time for you, in fact, you were more concerned about your family being protected from the sun then yourself…that’s love! 🙂 Sunburns suck…I hope you feel better!

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    1. Thank you and to tell the true I never thought for a moment to be a selfish mother or lousy wife😉greedy woman may be?😂sunburn was milder then it looked ,a couple of cloudy rainy days and everything is back to normal😉

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  5. Ha, mozzarella color skin? That’s me too… Glad to hear you are ok now. Enjoy shopping with your daughters! And no you are not a lazy and bad mother for taking some time for yourself. It is perfectly ok. In fact, it is healthy!

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    1. Lol,I am very greedy with my me time and with no sense of guilt most of the time 😉I’m very pale but get tan very easily and someone gets annoyed in the family😂🤷🏻‍♀️

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      1. Talk about being annoyed. I am pale and get tan easily as well but I always put lots of sun cream. My hubby on the other hand has darker skin and he gets sun burns very often… Sometimes genetic does not help!

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  6. You are hilarious! I may have said that before!
    I hardly think you are a bad wife and mother! I think it is good for father and daughters to have that time together, as well as a break for you.
    Really enjoyed this. Hope your week is going well ❤

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  7. i am just recovering from the same week of great weather in edinbourgh – wow, were we SO lucky! (though compared to cyprus, that wind is Freezing for me) the bank weekend holiday was fabulous. the people of ireland and scotland are So Tough! impressive. 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed Scotland ,I hope as there few years ago and I lic d Edinburg,a such fascinating and old fashion city and you have been incredibly lucky to be there during the heat wave.yesterday it was back winter here 😫

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  8. Ouch!!!!

    You got a little sizzling sun ☀️ burnt..
    but nothing like the warmth of the sun 🌞… and the family really had a great time…

    Just please remember that sun screen next time..
    and keep having fun…

    And don’t forget to share all this good times with us….

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  9. I can hardly imagine you sunburned, but your sparkling way of telling things is just addictive…first laugh of the day! I am happy you exist in my life! 😄😄😄😄

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