Wow,two awards in a few days.I am hugely under stress here but, also hugely grateful .I want to thank iamsfox,the london teen ager,for my nomination.Please check her blog because even if she keeps thanking her “adult” audience for the comments and the help,I believe that,instead,the one to be thanked is her for her vision of life.As a mother of a nearly teen ager I learning a lot.

My nominations are :


Rabbitpatch Diary

Menopausal Mama

Viola Blue

Naturally Calamity Jane

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  1. Congratulations again 🎇🎉

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  2. That’s awesome!!!! Congratulations and well deserved. You’re writing is so good, I love reading your blogs.

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  3. Congratulations. You truly deserve them Ortensia 😄

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  4. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer lady, Many congratulations!

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  5. It seems like something’s missing here. . .

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  6. You calabrese are fussy🙄


  7. Congrats dear …wish you more progress !!

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  8. Well deserved! 💜 Your stories are the brightest spot on the WordPress.

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  9. Well deserved and congrats dear ortensia👍

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  10. Hi! I’m a new blogger and trying to get around wordpress. It would mean so much if you could check out my blog!



  1. Ski Sunday, Gorgonzola and virtual friends – IdeasBecomeWords

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