A Mother’s Karma

I suppose we can all positively assert that Karma exists.We can call it destiny,providence,fate…etc etc.But the concept is only one:Karma.For the one of you are more pragmatical and less spiritual I will simply mention Newton’s third dynamic law:”For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Look into it a bit deeper and you will see that it is Karma!
Being a person who doesn’t do fuss about illness,values health and is quite lay back….my karma couldn’t be other then an hypochondriac daughter with tendency to worry about everything.She,on the other end, might think she has been cursed with a dismissive mother.Even ball in the center!

This aspect of her personality that sees her prone to worry and anxiety,really crashes with her being very sporty,athletic and indeed an outdoor person. Despite it all,a little pain here and there can create a huge range of possible deadly scenarios in her head.My only weapon to respond is minimize.I discretely check for sign of what it could be,practically explain what it is and that is not lethal. If none of this works:I lie.I lie saying it happens to me thousands of time,was nothing and it passed.Some Aloe Vera gel and it will be gone in no time.In fairness,as much insensitive that it sounds,it works and it does actually go away.The reality of the Placebo Effect.

Unfortunately, while I am by nature as far as possible from being an helicopter mother,on the other side, her grandmother feeds her big deal acting like the perfect helicopter grandmother. Sure the gene of anxiety and hypochondria skip a generation.It left me immune and went straight to my offspring.The good thing is,we leave 1300 miles away from who managed to convince her that eating and going in the cold makes you sick.To tell the true, she did get sick after eating a cold yogurt once, but reality is that she didn’t get sick in my mother’s car because of what she ate.She got sick because her grandmother keeps the air conditioning at minus 10 and drives like a bear with hiccup. Obviously these are insignificant details.The problem was the cold yogurt and not wearing a vest under her T-shirt.

The most recent complaint is a pain in her leg.Just to not look like a neglecting parent,I will say in my defense that the pain doesn’t prevent her from playing sport or enjoy any other outdoor activities and it is mainly felt evening time when she is bored in bed.No really much attention have been given to it until she started to complaint a bit more frequently. Still,she was able to play hockey, tennis ,climb trees do everything normally. There was no swelling or difficult in any movements and so I gave her some Arnica and that was it.

One day she said she couldn’t run because her leg hurt. Once again,I checked and I was absolutely positive that she was experiencing nothing more then growing pains.She is nearly 12 ,she is growing very fast and tall and they are normal.Of course my opinion is not enough and one night I found a note on my bathroom mirror where she was asking to go to the doctor to check her leg. She was also admitting that the pain was heavier then she initially said it was.My heart melted.I felt terribly and the following day we went to the doctor.

One hour and 60 euros later,we came out from the doctor surgery with a diagnosis:Osgood Schlatter,better known as Growing Pain!!!!!! I say we were both the most satisfied person in the world:I have been able to say “I told you so” and she had a name for her pain given by a professional.


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  1. – Look into it a bit deeper and you will see that it is Karma!-

    I completely agree 😀

    -but reality is that she didn’t get sick in my mother’s car because of what she ate.She got sick because her grandmother keeps the air conditioning at minus 10 and drives like a bear with hiccup-

    grandmother is a copy of my aunt Wanda … we have another thing in common 😀 ciaoooo ortensia

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  2. Driving like a bear with a hiccup 😂😂😂😂😂 I was a teenager who was always giving diagnosis for my family and myself (blaming on medical encyclopedias that were scattered all around the house). Once I was afraid of a bunny my sister brought to the house and after I coughed once, I said to my family that I had tularemia. If you kill me, I can’t remember what’s that! Luckily, I no longer do such things nor I’m afraid of bunnies. Now I’m the opposite. When someone complains to be sick, I’m the one who says-to Oh, there is nothing wrong with you!

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  3. I enjoy your post. I’m still laughing. You definitely should check Linda’s blog. Actually, this text would of made a great Guest post for her blog. If she sees it, you’re in trouble dear…. Seriously, she’s lovely. 😉

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    • I’m glad to hear that well not that u had terrible pain of course,but that I’m not alone …..I can comfortably say to my mom my daughters are not the only survivors of a “lousy “ parenting😂😂😂😂thank you for reading and your comment 😀

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